£29.40 instead of £58.38 for a two-week 'meal replacement' shake bundle or £54.60 for a four-week bundle. Shape up for summer and save up to 53%

Receive 42 Delicious Meal Replacement Diet Shakes with a 50% Discount. Perfect Set Box to follow a two-week 'meal replacement plan'. Pay just just £29.40 instead of £58.38. Mix our diet shakes with Water or Milk.

Keep it Simple - Shift those few extra pounds, just shake it off...

This Set Shake Diet Box is perfect to follow our Social Plan or Fast Fix Diet for 2 Weeks or just stock up Shake flavours with 50% Discount.  Using three Shake Drinks each day and including a Healthy Meal or a variety of Vegetables/Salad you can follow our Social Diet Plan or Fast Fix Plan. 

Very low-calorie diets (VLCD) are ideal for both men and women looking to shift pounds faster than a conventional diet plan. The perfect accompaniment to make the most of a healthy lifestyle. Included in this Set Bundle is a copy of our Social & Fast Fix Diet Plans and food suggestions.

*Meal Replacement Diet Shake Flavours Included:
10 x Chocolate Caramel 
10 x Cookies & Cream
3 x Chocolate Orange
2 x Banana
7 x Lemon
3 x Creamy Caramel
7 x Peaches & Cream
This deal is stock limited
Includes 42 KeeDiet Shake Flavours
Flavours are Set and can not be amended
Plan information included

See individual flavours or sachets

Please see individual flavours or sachets