The perfect start to your weight loss journey!

Our Starter Box can be used to follow our Rapid Burn Plan for 7 days or other plans for a little longer and allows you to sample our products and experience great results first hand. Choose to mix our sachet with water or milk to suit your requirement.

A great idea to sample a wide range of our Meal ReplacementVLCD products.  Our Starter Diet Box provides 28 different Meal Replacement Products (MRP) and is the best way to try our products.  You will also receive a copy of the KeeDiet Booklet, Shaker/Blender and Weight Loss Record Card.  

You will automatically receive:
- Free Shaker/Blender for shakes.
- Free 32 page KeeDiet® Plan Booklet.
- Free Weight Loss Record Card

This is a Set Diet Box and it is not possible to choose your flavours*, if you prefer to choose your flavours then please take a look at our Diet Plan Boxes or Discounted Bundle Buys.

*If you have a Nut/Seed Allergy please let us know and we can swap the bars on request.

Below is the 28 pre-selected products that your Sample Diet Box will contain.

Breakfast / Desserts
1 x Original Creamy Porridge (V)
1 x Apple Cinnamon Porridge (V)
1 x Maple Syrup Pancakes (V) 
1 x Chocolate Sponge (V)

Diet Shakes
1 x Banana (V)(GF) New Recipe
1 x Strawberry (V)(GF) New Recipe
1 x French Vanilla (V)(GF) New Recipe
1 x Cafe Latte (V) New Recipe
1 x Chocolate (V) (GF) New Recipe
1 x Lemon Cheesecake (V)
1 x Chocolate Orange (V) 
1 x Cookies & Cream (V) New Recipe
1 x Summer Berry (V)(GF) New Recipe
1 x Peaches & Cream (V)
1 x Chocolate Caramel (V)
1 x Mint Chocolate (V) New Recipe


Hot Meals
1 x Vegetable Chilli Meal (V)(GF) New Recipe
1 x Cottage Pie Meal (V) New Recipe
1 x Pasta Carbonara Meal (V) New Recipe
1 x Spag Bolonese (V) New Recipe
1 x Chilli Beef Noodle (V) New Recipe
1 x Sweet & Sour Chicken Noodle (V) New Recipe
1 x Creamy Vegetable Soup (V)(GF)
1 x Creamy Thai Soup (V) (GF)
1 x Chicken Curry Noodle Soup (V)  New Recipe
1 x Chocolate Peanut Bar (V)*
1 x Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar (V)
1 x Almond & Pumpkin Seed Bar (V)(GF)*

*If allergic to nuts/seeds please make us aware on your order and we will provide a replacement


  • See individual products within our Shop to view nutritional and allergen information
  • All products listed with (V) symbol are suitable for Vegetarians
  • *If nut allergy/vegetarian please make us aware on your order and we will replace any necessary bars
  • A scientifically designed nutritional product. Using four KeeDiet® VLCD Total Mealpacks provides 100% of your recommended vitamins and minerals (RDA) RI