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KeeDiet Banana Shake is packed full of the essential nutrients and vitamins, helping you to remain healthy whilst succesfully losing weight.

  • Suitable for Meal Replacement
  • 11.6g/19.6g of satisfying protein
  • 125kcal mixed with water
  • 205kcal mixed with skim milk
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Gluten Free
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Providing a quick and easy substitute for any daily meal, our diet shakes can be mixed with water or milk to meet your personal weight loss requirements. Rich in fibre and protein, our shakes will help to fight cravings and keep you feeling fuller for longer – plus they taste great, are easy to mix!

NOTE: SACHETS ARE STAMPED WITH 1 MEAL = 2 SACHETS - Please ignore this message, it has been stamped on our packs in error

KeeDiet Banana Shakes - BBE 01/23 - 1 x 33g INDIVIDUAL MEAL REPLACEMENT MEAL
125kcal per serving 205kcal per serving
20+ vitamins and minerals 20+ vitamins and minerals
11.6g of protein per serving 19.8g of protein per serving
12.5g of carbs per serving 24.2g of carbs per serving
Yes - Gluten Free Yes - Gluten Free
Yes - Suitable for vegetarians Yes - Suitable for vegetarians with nut/soy milk
  • Add a minimum of 200ml of cold water or 250ml skim milk to a jug/blender
  • Add your chosen flavoured foodpack
  • Blend with either an electric blender, whisk or blending bottle until frothy
  • Serve & consume within 10 minutes for best results



Banana Flavour Diet Shake 33g Sachets Nutrition information:
Gluten Free - Yes / Suitable for Vegetarian - Yes


Protein blend (skim MILK, MILK protein, vegetable proteins) ; fructose ; vegetable fat preparation (refined SOY bean oil ; glucose syrup ; MILK protein ; stabiliser : pentasodium triphosphate ; anti-caking agent : silicon dioxide ; natural flavoring) ; polydextrose ; flavourings (MILK) ; acidity regulators : sodium citrate, potassium chloride ; stabiliser : magnesium phosphate ; vitamin and mineral mix (potassium citrate, L-ascorbic acid (vit. C), nicotinamide (vit. B3), ferric pyrophosphate, zinc oxide, alpha-tocopherol acetate (vit. E), calcium D-pantothenate (vit. B5), manganese sulfate, pyridoxine chlorhydrate (vit. B6), copper gluconate, thiamin chlorhydrate (vit. B1), riboflavin (vit. B2), retinol acetate (vit. A), pteroylmonoglutamic acid (vit. B9), potassium iodide, phylloquinone (vit. K1), sodium selenite, D-biotin (vit. B8), ergocalciferol (vit. D2), cyanocobalamin (vit. B12)) ; thickeners : carrageenan, guar gum, starch ; emulsifier : SOY lecithin ; salt ; colour : beta carotene. Specification 09.04.2019

  • This product contains: Milk & Soy  (See in BOLD aboce)
  • Manufactured on equipment that processes:  Egg

Nutritional Information per 100g 33g NRV% With Skim Milk
Energy (kJ) 1591 526 865
Energy (kcal) 378 125 205
Fat (g) 7.9 2.6 2.7
 (of which saturates) (g) 1.5 0.5 0.6
 (of which mono-unsaturated) (g) 1.3 0.4 0.49
 (of which polyunsaturated) (g) 4.0 1.3 1.34
  (of which omega 3) (g) 0.25 0.08 0.08
  (of which linoleic acid) (g) 3.03 1.0 1.0
Carbohydrates (g) 37.7 12.5 24.2
 (of which sugars) (g) 32.7 10.8 22.6
 (of which starch) (g) 5.0 1.7 1.8
Fibre (g) 7.6 2.5 2.5
Protein (g) 35.1 11.6 19.6
Salt (g) 1.57 0.55 0.80

Not every person is suitable for a meal replacement / Ketogenic weight loss, which may interfere with some medications or medical conditions. Prior to starting any weight loss plan it is imperative that you check eligibility with your Doctor and seek professional medical agreement & support. Review our Medical Guidance and your selected plan for further information.