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Social Diet Plan Information Leaflet


Need an extra KeeDiet® VLCD / Ketogenic 800 Calorie Social Plan information leaflet

You automatically receive one with your Social Plan Diet Box, however if you need another, simply add this item to your present order and another will be added for FREE or Download PDF leaflet here

The KeeDiet® Social Diet Plan provides the perfect diet for those who want fast results and to keep it simple. whilst experiencing a rapid weight loss!  With our Social Plan you can still enjoy a healthy (no carb) meal alongside 3 daily products.  This reduces the need to cook and weigh foods, but still allows you to enjoy a daily meal with friends, family.  Following this  low calorie diet (LCD) plan provides a wonderful opportunity to step away from conventional foods, create new healthy eating habits and focus on your weight loss. 

Not only will you be losing weight quickly by consuming around 800 daily calories but you will also feel well-nourished.