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Lean & Low Diet Plan Information Leaflet

We do not offer a specific plan for the Lean & Low Diet, however you can still create this plan with our products if you would like to enjoy a High Protein product each day, extra to your 3 KeeDiet Meal Packs and low carb conventional meal.

The KeeDiet® Lean and Low Diet Plan provides the perfect diet for those who want fast results and to keep it simple. whilst experiencing a rapid weight loss!  An easy to follow, energy restricted plan, eating 5 meals each day. Our Lean & Low Plan is a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD). Each day enjoy 3 KeeDiet Meal Replacement products, create a 200kcal evening meal from permitted foods and then enjoy one of our delicious High Protein (18g) Dessert or a High Protein Snack for an excellent fat and weight loss.   

Not all dieters want to enter Ketosis, but all want an exceptional weight loss and noticeable change to their figure. Our Lean & Low Plan offers this in abundance, plus you won't feel hungry!