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Keediet Blending Bottle - £3.99

400ml easy to use, easy to keep clean Shaker/Blender Bottle that creates delicious smooth shakes.

Our individually sealed Blender / Shaker helps you to produce a smooth drink with minimal effort. The secure screw lid top ensures no spills whilst the wide spout and static bend back 'flip cap' offers an easy to use drinking design which eradicates the hassle of other more cumbersome shakers. 

An everyday essentials when mixing your powdered supplements. With the latest design, these shakers come with a wire ball to ensure your shakes stay refreshing, lump-free and tasty as well as coming with a screw-top lid to keep those fluids secure. 

Special Features

  • Perfect for mixing powdered supplements
  • Finished with awesome KeeDiet branding
  • Superb economic design
  • 100% dishwasher friendly
  • BPA Free
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Simply add your ingredients - Shake & Drink (or pour)!

KeeMixer Blending Bottle is a functional and stylish drinking bottle. 

  • BPA Free material
  • Breaks up any lumps or clumps.
  • Kee Blender allows the user to drink a smooth mix right from the bottle.
  • Great kitchen gadget, mix eggs, oils, sauces etc
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Hygienic & Easy to Clean
  • VAT included


Not for use with hot liquids. Hot or warm liquids (and other ingredients such as pancake batter, soda, etc.) may build up pressure within the bottle and cause flip top to open unexpectedly and spray contents. Open flip top with caution.