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How much weight will I lose is a question we are often asked.  As KeeDiet is a responsible UK company we abide with advertising laws which do not permit us to make claims of actual weight loss.

However, just take a look at our Testimonials, you will see the amazing weight loss possible with KeeDiet. Purchase a Taster Pack or our 28 Product Sample Box.  Contact other dieters through our Secret Slimmers Facebook Page after your first purchase and ask those who are following or have followed a KeeDiet weight loss plan, its the most honest answer you will get!

In a bid to provide an answer and give you an idea of the possible weight loss, there are scientific studies that we refer to below, hopefully you can use this as a guide. Weight loss depends on many factors, your calorie intake, present BMI and weight, health, diet history, age and how much weight you need to lose before reaching a healthy weight. All these factors will determine the length of your diet and your weight loss results.

Follow your chosen plan instructions, staying motivated, hydrated and you will experience the best possible weight loss!

Be realistic when setting your goals, make your weight loss achievable.  Consider setting small interim targets if you have a lot of weight to lose.  Choose a diet plan that you identify with most.

Dropping just 5-10% of your body weight provides a health advantage, however a BMI 25-27 is widely considered a healthy weight and target for most people. 

Drop a dress or waist size, most people see amazing results in just 4 weeks 


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Weight Loss Science

BDA "Did you know? One pound of fat contains 3,500 calories. To drop one pound a week you need a deficit of 500 calories a day."

Weiht Loss Science with KeeDiet 

The BDA, Association of UK Dietitians published a study recently and using this information our intention is to provide you with a possible guide to the weight loss you can expect. You can then choose the best KeeDiet plan for your weight loss journey, unfortunately a specific weight loss can never be guaranteed.

Using the BDA example we have used the hypothesis of an average woman who requires 2,000 calories each day, with a total weekly calorie intake equating to 14,000Kcal.  

Following our Rapid Burn Plan the average woman would consume approximately 600 calories each day, providing a daily deficit of 1,400 calories and weekly intake of 4,200 calories.

Following the calculations provided by the BDA: 14,000Kcal v 4,200Kcal weekly calorie intake provides an overall weekly calorie shortfall of 9,800Kcal and provides an expected weight loss of 2.8lb each week (9,800 / 3,500 calories). Plus add the Ketogenic affects of our lower plans to the equasion you can expect a slight increase in the weekly / monthly weight loss to a possible weight loss of 14lb per month.

Men following a Meal Replacement Plan are renowned for experiencing an exceptional weight loss.

Following the same BDA calculations, with the average man requiring 2,500Kcal each day, the total weekly expected weight loss is 3.8lb. Again add to this the Ketogenic affects of our lower plan, Ketosis and Fat Burning to increase the possible weight weekly/monthly weight loss.

KeeDiet Weight Loss Plans

KeeDiet Ketogenic / VLCD Plans

Rapid Burn, Rapid Burn Plus & Man Plan Solutions - Total Food Replacement (TFR) plan that quickly targets stored fat and provides you with a visible weight loss. Expect an accelerated weight loss!

Social Plan Solution - Flexible and simple weight loss plan that allows you to cash in on the benefits of Ketosis whilst being able to enjoy a daily controlled food meal. You’ll be amazed how much you can lose!

Fast Fix Diet Plan Solution - Follow with Medical agreement & support for 8 weeks as shown on TV and NHS Choices with the aim to reverse Type 2 Diabetes.  Expect Amazing Results ! Approximately 800+ Calories


KeeDiet Very Low Calorie Diet Plans

KeeDiet Low Calorie Diets (LCD) & Weight Management Plans

New You Plan Solution - Regular weight loss plan, that offers regular results. Mix KeeDiet® meal replacements, healthy meals and fruit snacks. Flexible & regular weight loss results!

5:2 Intermittent Fasting (IF) Solution - Not created by the KeeDiet® however we support the required 2x Fasting Days with our products. Regular weight loss with independent dieting!

Lifestyle Solution - Weight Management Plan, enjoy just 1 KeeDiet daily product and lock in your results forever. Stay focused and control your hunger and cravings!

Rapid Burn (TFR) Plan - Approximately 600 Calories - 4 Daily KeeDiet Products 100%
Man Plan (TFR) - Approximately 600 Calories - 4 Daily KeeDiet Products 90%
Social Plan - Approximately 650 Calories - 3 Daily KeeDiet Products + Healthy Meal 80%
Rapid Burn Plus (TFR) Plan - Approximately 750 Calories - 5 Daily KeeDiet Products 70%
Fast Fix Diet Plan with KeeDiet - Approximately 800 Calories - 3 Daily KeeDiet Products 65%
New You Diet Plan - Approximately 1000 Calories - 2 Daily KeeDiet Products, Snacks, Meals 55%
5:2 Fasting Plan - 2 Fasting Days 600 Calories - 4 Daily KeeDiet Products 45%
Lifestyle WM Plan - 1500 - 2500 Calories - 1 Daily KeeDiet Product 40%

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How KeeDiet Works

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