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In Our Clients Words

A friend had introduced me to the Kee Diet. She is a dietician and recommended it above other VLCD's. The Kee products are great.

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After always being quite active physically and a Physical Training Instructor for many years I always took my weight for granted. 

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Over the 18 weeks I lost 4 stones 6.5lbs (the weight of my 7 year-old son!)  My dress size has gone from an 18 to a comfortable 12 !!

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I cannot recommended KeeDiet highly enough!! I have been using this diet on and off for the past couple of years and it really does work.
I've tried all the diets there are going, but since going through the menopause none of them worked. This really does!
I lost over two stone in 3 months and now only use it occasionally to keep my weight in check. I will admit it was hard at first but when you see such quick results results it gives you the motivation to keep going
Good luck to anyone starting up x 
The Meal Replacement Apple and Cinnamon porridge, I could taste what appeared to be apple pieces in the porridge and it was really thick :)  The Cottage Pie was chunky and delicious as well!! 
I am genuinely impressed and can honestly say these two are the overall winners in compararison to two other VLCD products of the same type.
I've done a couple of VLCD's but KeeDiet by far has the biggest variety and the prices are fab to!
I discovered Keediet after yet another weekly slimming class maintain, meaning i lost nothing after trying hard all week:(  I had lost about 2 st in 2 years.
I found I was just as satisfied on the shakes as I was on the food I was eating before, only the weight dropped off so much faster !
I continued to get weighed at the group just so I got the certificates for my wall and I went on to lose 6 stone with Keediet in less than a year to got my 8 stone award :) I found my fibromyalgia was less severe on the shakes to.  I gained a few pounds over Christmas but I know I can get back on it on January 1st. In fact I am looking forward to being back 'on it' as i feel much better x
Lianie M

 I came across Kee and thought i'd give it a go! I bought a weeks sample box and when it came I stuck to it religiously.

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I have always been overweight, done WW for as long as I can remember. VLCD dieting has been the only successful diet for me!

Read Sarah's Story

Sounds corny but I have to admit that The KeeDiet has completely changed my life (twice) and the way I look at myself

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Hi, I just want to give feedback to you all about my experience since starting the KeeDiet.
The website was really easy to use and I like the idea of loyalty points from the very first order.  Delivery has been excellent, I have received all my orders so far by the next day and that is an important factor with ordering.
I have lost around half a stone so far in just 3 weeks, which I am happy with.  The variety and cost of products is superier to other VLCD Companies and offering samples is always a great way to try new products.
On Our Social Facebook Page, we recently asked our clients their favourite KeeDiet product.
"Creamy Caramel!! Without a shadow of a doubt, that shake flavour is LUSH!!
Love, Love, Love this diet.  Done Cambridge Diet in the past but KeeDiet flavours, price, choice and support are second to none.  Raving about it at work and hopefully get you a few more customers !! :)
Subject: Thank You!
Hi, another fan of the KeeDiet writing to say how great your products are.  I lost 2 stone last year on the 'big brand' VLCD.  It worked fantastically well for me, but having to go weekly, and the cost was a little prohivitive.  I was nervous to try your products, thinking they couldn't possibly be as good.
I was wrong!  I am very impressed with the way your website is laid out, the bundle offers, and the speedy delivery. Everything tastes good, the quality is fantastic.  It is helping me lose the last (literally) few pounds and I am confident that I will continue to use your products to help me maintain my weight.
I am so glad I found you, thank you xx
Ruth E

This VLCD is definitely the only diet that has worked for me. 


Read Susie's Story

I lost 4 stones and I did not put anything back on.  When I started the diet I was 13stones and half,  now I am 9stones and 2lb.

Read Raluca's Story

Thanks for making my losing weight so easy.  I started at the beginning of October and 2 months later was 2 Stone lighter 

Read Sarah's Story

Never in my life have I experienced customer service as good as the staff at The KeeDiet.
The expertise, knowledge and the genuine desire to help is quite astonishing.  Thank You x
Subject: Third Order 
Once again received a perfectly complete order on time.  Excellent service and fantastic products that do "what they say on the tin"
Many thanks Sarah
Hi KeeDiet Team
I just wanted to say thank you for all your help.  I've lost 15lb in the first month of my diet and I'm thrilled!!!!
I want to lose another 5 stone and I'm so positive I'm going to do it on this diet.
I've tried every diet under the sun and nothing has worked. You lot are the BEST thank you for everything!
Yours Hazel H xx
Hazel M.
I have been on the KeeDiet for a little over a month and I've lost a stone.
I love how just losing this stone has made me feel about myself.  I have more energy than I expected, my clothes are loose and I have received many compliments about how good I look.
I love how easy and hassle free it is to order the packs and I love the support that is available if I have any questions.
Thanks again for making this diet easier than expected xxxx

I went from the slightly obese to a healthy body and my knees thank me a lot now :)  Not another Inspirational story... just my story!

Read Natalia's Story

I love the Keediet and I don't think I could've lost the weight without it. I recommend it to everyone who asks me how I did it!

Read Nicola's Story

I came across Kee diet a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t believe it!  It's almost identical to my previous plan but I can order it online.

Read Nikki's Story

Subject: Thank You!
I have been struggling for so long with my weight, never really making much of a differene with all the slimming groups.
I have just finished by first week on the KeeDiet and I feel great.  I'm sleeping better, I've not been hungry and I'velost an incredible 10lbs !!!
Just wanted to say thank you for your fab products I love them !! x
Michelle P.
Hi, I just wanted to say thank you, because KeeDiet has changed my life!
Over 3 stone lost and I am still using KeeDiet Products xx
Most definitely the bars and snacks were lifesavers for me on my weight loss journey. I lost 28lb doing rapid burn, in 50 days. Meal replacement is definitely the way forward with fabulous results.
Susan E.
I wanted to lose a dress size before Christmas, I have done that in 4 weeks! Hopefully I can lose 1 more.
Love the taste of the meal x
Dee M
I have been on the Kee Diet Rapid Burn since May. I have now lost 5 stone thanks to Kee.
I love the products and the support from Kee with their Facebook page. I have found the website really helpful and have spoken to customer services with a query regarding one of my orders and it was rectified very quickly with great communication. I feel so much better about myself and my life thanks to the Kee Diet. It's hard work to begin with I struggled as my whole reward system revolves around food but Kee helps me be disciplined. I was a size 22/24 and am now 14/16.
I don't mind looking in the mirror so much now. I'm on the home run now, working towards my target weight ☺
Paula W

 I wasn’t happy. My weight was causing more and more issues. so I started the Diet with my mum

Read Leanne's Story

Always struggled with my weight, but when my marriage came to an end I began comfort eating.

Read Andy's Story

I started the Rapid Burn Diet with my doctors blessing. Although my BMI was 48.5 he agreed & gave his support

Read Tracy's Story

 I made a decision that I was going to make some big changes

Read Jon's Story
I tried the soup today and can say I was pleasantly surprised and did quite like it so all good.  I also tried one of the High Protein Almond Cakes which was also delicious can't wait to try the others.
You all offer and provide such a great service and can honestly say that I have never been disappointed in any of the items I have tried, which to date I think will be most of them apart from personal dislikes like coconut so don't buy them, it makes sticking to plan so much easier so thank you for all you and the whole team do.
Regards Lesley 

So over 4 years I piled on 7st!!  I had pretty much lost all hope of getting back to my normal weight.

Read Abbie's Story