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Nutrisaveur Diet Chef Ready Meals provide two meal options that are pre-prepared and need no mixing.  They can be popped in the Microwave or stove heated for a healthy ready meal solution.

Our Red range are Ketogenic (Ceto) Ready Meals that are specifically designed for VLCD/Ketogenic slimming, whilst our Green range are a Weight Control Ready Meals that are portion controlled, low calorie, carbohydrate slimming meals. 

Experience real food, real tastes and real results whilst successfully slimming!

The result of a bold project belonging to French nutritionists, chefs and food specialists to assist rapid, effective and durable weight loss!

Rich in protein & fibre, low in sugar, low in fat, containing a natural prebiotic to promote good bowel health and created with no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.

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Ketogenic Ready Meals
(Keto Active/ Red Meals)

Perfect for VLCD, Ketogenic and Carbohydrate controlled weight loss plans.

Enjoy a delicious, Ketogenic Ready Meal when following any KeeDiet® Plan. Simply pop in the microwave or stove heat and enjoy a delicious meal.  Ideal and to easy use, heat and eat in its own serving dish and experience real food whilst following a Ketogenic Plan.  As an ambient sealed storecupboard meal, these are super to take to work or store to enjoy on a tough day.

Due to the innovative Keto Active design, Nutrisaveur Diet Chef prepared Ready Meals provide a sufficient high protein v low carbohydrate ratio, keeping calories low and contents Ceto Active, ensuring Ketosis is protected.  (If exchanging a MRP foodpack on one of our plans, simply add a vitamin & mineral supplement to cover any shortfall of any nutrients)


Weight Control Ready Meals
(Carbohydrate Controlled / Green Meals)

Perfect for Low Carbohydrate & Calorie controlled weight loss plans and Weight Management

Enjoy a delicious, Diet Chef prepared Control Ready Meal, when following our Lean & Low, New You, 5:2 Intermittent Fasting,  Lifestyle Plans or calorie counting. Simply enjoy a delicious portion controlled healthy meal, ideal when slimming or transitioning from a VLCD/Ketogenic weight loss plan to maintaining your weight. 

A portion controlled, ambient, healthy meal in its own serving dish, with added vitamins & minerals and premium protein to satisfy your hunger. Control your carbohydrate, fat and calorie intake for successful weight loss and weight management. 

Enjoy traditional dishes like Beef Bourguignon and exotic flavours like Creamy Chicken Curry which are the perfect slimming meal.

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