The KeeDiet® Lean & Low Plan

 Suitable for Men & Women 
  Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) Plan 
  Enjoy 3 MRP Packs + 1 HP Product
  Plus Healthy Low Carb Daily Meal
 Hunger satisfaction
 Low Carbs for noticeable fat loss
 Daily intake 800+ Calories
  Weekly Discounted Diet Boxes

A super easy and flexible VLCD weight loss plan that allows you to eat little and often, providing 5 daily occasions to eat each day.  Banish hunger, drop weight and inches fast and notice an amazing change to your body shape as your stored fat disappears.

21 KeeDiet MRP Meals/Bars + 7 High Protein Products
£39.99 (£1.42 each)


42 KeeDiet MRP Meals/Bars + 14 High Protein Products
£71.99 (£1.28 each)


84 KeeDiet MRP Meals/Bars + 28 High Protein Products
£127.99 (£1.14 each)


126 KeeDiet Meals/Bars + 42 High Protein Products
£187.99 (£1.11 each)


Very Low Calorie (VLCD) / High Protein Weight Loss Solution

Not all dieters want to enter Ketosis, but all want an exceptional fat loss and noticeable change to their figure. Our Lean & Low Plan offers this in abundance, plus you won't feel hungry! 

An easy to follow, energy restricted VLCD weight loss plan, with 5 daily occasions to eat. (Download PDF leaflet/See folder below)

The  KeeDiet® Lean & Low Plan
(Fast Fat Burning)

A flexible weight loss plan that allows you to eat little and often. Without feeling hungry, drop weight and inches fast and notice an amazing change to your body shape as your stored fat disappears.

Each day select three KeeDiet Meal Replacement products, one KeeDiet High Protein product and create a delicious healthy meal from the permitted foods. Follow simple instructions for a successful slimming solution.

The aim of our Lean & Low Plan is to consume just over 800 daily calories, whilst limiting carbohydrates and sugars. Use our handy 'Meal Planner' to easily track your day, you’ll be amazed how much you can lose!  

Before embarking on a KeeDiet® plan, please ensure you have read our Medical Guidance and consulted your Doctor.


Five Easy Steps to an Amazing Weight Loss

After your first purchase create a personal tracker in our Weight Loss Centre. Then join us on our Secret Slimmers Group for support, chat with us and other KeeDiet® slimmer’s throughout your journey.

Download a copy of the Lean & Low Plan Leaflet

  3 x KeeDiet Meal Replacement (MRP) Products
✔  Include 1 x High Protein Product*
 Add a healthy 200 caloire daily meal (see below)
 A maximum of one daily bar is recommended 
  If you notice your calories dropping below 800 calories add a little almond, soy or skimmed milk to you plan.

*Choose a delicious dessert/snack from the huge variety of products in our High Protein range, Mousse, Rice Pudding, Apple Crepes or a light snack, crisps, soy nuts, puffs.

*Calories and Carbohydrates differ on KeeDiet products. Due to the new EU Meal Replacement Bar Regulations a MRP bar size and nutritional content have risen. We therefore now recommend if wishing to follow a Ketogenic Plan, and choosing to consume 1 x Meal Replacement Bar on any day, the MRP Pasta Carbonara is not consumed on the same day. This will help restrict calories and carbohydrate intake.

Create a delicious portion and carbohydrate controlled healthy meal each day from the choices below.  Select a protein and add vegetables / salad

 Quick and Easy - Choose one of our Nutrisaveur (Keto or Control) Ready Meals and add vegetables/salad where desired - Available to purchase in our Online Store
 Create a Home-Prepared Meal using our guidance below. Select a Protein choice and add Vegetable/Salad to create your daily Lean 

The foods provided below are the leanest protein and lowest impact vegetables and salad, affecting blood sugar levels the least.  You may mix your choices according to your menu and calorie allowance.  Further choices are available in our online Meal Planner, available once you have placed your first order.

Try reviewing your favourite recipes, give them a tweak and continue to enjoy.  Choose healthy cooking options. In a restaurant you may wish to change your protein choice for the occasion to a lean beef steak or salmon fillet for an easier menu choice.  Refrain from sauces as these may be rich and calorific

Protein Allowance per day (approx 150kcal per portion):
  • 150g Chicken or turkey (uncooked weight)
  • 200g white fish (e.g. cod, haddock) (uncooked weight)
  • 120g Oily fish (e.g. salmon, mackerel)
  • 150g Tinned Tuna in Spring Water (drained weight)
  • 185g Pre-cooked prawns
  • 225g Reduced Plain Cottage Cheese / 160g Plain Cottage Cheese
  • 2  Medium Eggs
  • 200g Steamed Tofu
  • 150g Quorn e.g. Pieces
  • 60g  Beans dried weight including: Soya Beans, Lentils, Chickpeas, Black Eye Beans, Aduki Beans, Pease Pudding, Haricot, Butter
Add vegetables/salad to accompany your meal (up to 200g - approximately 50kcal)

Mix your Vegetable & Salad for variety and greater nutrition.  The list below offers guidance and choice of some of the lowest gi/gl vegetables and salad that affect blood sugar levels the least.  Remember, if wishing to add Root vegetables or Carbohydrates to your evening meal, (e.g. garden peas, carrots, parsnips) its a good idea to check your calorie and carbohydrate intake on our 'Meal Planner' 

All fresh / dried herbs and spices such as curry or chilli powder, coriander, pepper, chives and parsley can be added to enhance your meal

Alfalfa Sprouts 
Bamboo Shoots 
Brussels Sprouts
Cabbage (inc pickled)

Chinese Leaf
Green Peppers
Konjac Noodles

Lettuce (all)     
Spring Onion

  Drink a minimum of 2.25 Litres (Approx 4 pints)
 Tap / Bottled / Still / Sparkling
 Sip throughout the day, not in one go
 Additional to the water used to mix products



How many KeeDiet® products each day
A maximum of one bar per day is recommended


3 x Daily KeeDiet® Meal Replacement products

1 x Daily KeeDiet® High Protein product

*if you notice your calories dropping below 800 calories on any particular day, add a little almond, soy or skimmed milk to your plan to make up the shortfall.


Required Daily Additions (Must Have)
Constipation is a common side effect adding extra fibre is prudent


1 x Healthy 200-300kcal Meal (See Plan Details)

Up to 225ml of Milk or equivalent Yoghurt to increase daily calories to 800+

Minimum 2.25 litres of tap/bottled/sparkling water

Recommended KeeDiet® Water Flavouring / Fibre Supplement


Optional Daily Exchange
If exchanging a Meal Replacement product you must add a daily vitamin & mineral supplement to cover the shortfall of nutrients.


Exchange your home-prepared for a Nutrisaveur Keto Active or Control Ready Meal (vegetables / salad can be added if desired and within your calorie/carbohydrate allowance.


Optional Daily Considerations (Can Have)

Additional items listed may increase calorie intake, however they should not affect Ketosis and could provide benefits for continued good health.


Extra sipped water

1 additional (100 calorie / less than 5g Carbohydrate) KeeDiet® High Protein Product

Decaffeinated Tea/Coffee, Herbal Teas Leaf/Fruit/Flower, Tablet Sweeteners

No Added Sugar Squash

Dried/Fresh Herbs & Spices, I tbsp Fat free (0-1%) dressing

Walden Farm Sauces/Dips

Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

*Three times weekly 1tbsp of nuts/seeds or add a little nut/seed oil to your permitted salad/vegetables. A little extra healthy oils are good and help promote healthy skin, hair and nails.​

*Nuts/Seeds Information

Our Safe Slimming Guidance 

  1. The KeeDiet® comply with guidelines introduced by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence)
  2. Diet Plans are not suitable for everyone, for example those under 18 years old or pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Please consult your doctor before starting any weight loss regime. If you have any health issues, are taking medication or have a medical condition it is imperative that you consult your doctor to confirm this plan is suitable before commencing.
  3. Total Food Replacement/Very Low Calorie Diet (TFR/VLCD) diets require medical approval and supervision. We advise that you should visit your Doctor every four weeks to request a blood pressure and health check.
  4. A preparation phase is recommended, after your order and before starting you plan, increase your water consumption and gently reduce your sugars, carbohydrates and unhealthy snacks.
  5. Light exercise only is recommended as calories/energy are restricted.
  6. The Lean & Low Plan is ideal for dieters with a BMI 20+, however we recommend a BMI 23 to be prudent.  Once a BMI 23 is reached we recommend stepping up to our New You Diet Plan and then to our Lifestyle or 5:2 Intermittent Fasting Plan for Weight Management and to encourage healthy eating, whilst increasing exercise.  
  7. It is suggested for those with a BMI 40+ or above 17 Stone to also consider a higher calorie plan, possibly our New You Diet Plan, which may be an easier and more successful weight loss option to follow as an initial phase.  This will allow a more gradual control and reduction in calories.  Weight loss will still be significant as more calories are required in the early stages of weight loss due to a person’s size/weight.  Moving down to lower calorie plans can then be considered as your weight and BMI reduce.
  8. Once at a BMI 20 or your target weight if higher, gradually return back to conventional eating.  At this stage many clients adopt the 5:2 Fasting Plan, using meal replacements for 2 days each week and healthy eating the remaining 5 days to help with weight management.  
  9. A very mild Ketogenic condition may be achieved following this plan and you may experience some Common side effects  in the early stages of this diet plan.  These may include headaches, nausea and fatigue etc.  If symptoms persist or you feel concerned, you should stop the diet and immediately seek medical advice.
  10. For your safety, alcohol should not be consumed whilst following a weight loss plan which is sufficiently low in calories, restricts sugar and carbohydrates.  Consuming alcohol may be dangerous and in extreme cases may even cause death or long term health conditions.  If intending to drink alcohol it is advised that you stop a carbohydrate / sugar restrictive diet and we suggest you follow a healthy eating plan at least 48 hours prior to drinking alcohol

Typical Day following the KeeDiet® Lean & Low Plan

An example of how to use your (4) Daily KeeDiet Meal Replacement Products

Breakfast (1)

MRP Strawberry Shake



KeeDiet Water Flavour (2.5g Fibre per teaspoon)


Lunch (2)

MRP Vegetable Soup


Afternoon (3)

MRP Muesli & Yoghurt Bar


Evening Meal*

 Create a 200+ Calorie Meal



 High Protein Dreamy Milk Choco Mousse


Our Lean & Low VLCD Plan promotes an excellent fat loss, plus as mentioned is very flexible.  Meals throughout your day are configured using our Meal Replacement products, but you are in control of your evening meal and with our optional extra’s, choices and chance to add or swap products/foods, you can create a weight loss plan that will work for you....You’ll be amazed how much you can lose, our Lean & Low Plan is a superb choice for a fast weight loss!

Eating small and often has its benefits, when we eat a big meal, the sugar level in our blood rises, but once that meal is digested the blood sugar levels fall, taking your energy and mood with it.  By eating smaller regular meals, the body functions more efficiently throughout the day.  Following our Lean & Low Plan and regularly consuming food with a little-and-often approach will help keep your energy and mood levels stable.  

With our products being nutritionally complete you can relax and enjoy a guided, simple weight loss plan that achieves your desired results, FAST!  Each day choose 3 KeeDiet® Meal Replacement (MRP) products + 1 High Protein Dessert / Snack.  Then add either a home-prepared meal or select one of our Keto Active or Control Ready Meals available in our Online Store. 

✔   4 Daily Products - 3 KeeDiet® (MRP) Sachets 
✔   + 1 High Protein Dessert / Snack Product
✔   Add a 200-300 Calories Meal or Nutrisaveur Ready Meal
✔   Approximate 10lb-14lb+ loss per month*
✔   Suitable for Men and Women 
✔   Requires Doctor's agreement & support
✔   Vegetarian options available
✔   Speedy Fat & Weight Loss 
✔   Low Carbohydrates and High Protein
✔   Consume 800+ Calories per day
✔   Follow until optimum weight reached or BMI 20+ as
✔   Simple & Affordable

As our Lean & Low Plan is nutritionally balanced, providing 800+ calories each day, you can follow this plan until you reach your goal weight or BMI 20 as a minimum (we suggest at a BMI 23 you start to increase calories).  Once at this stage, lock in your results and build a strong foundation for weight management by gently stepping-up KeeDiet® plans, increasing your calories back to healthy eating. 

Throughout your plan ensure you space out meal packs, water and foods regularly throughout the day to maintain blood sugar levels. Our products should provide approximately 4 hours of hunger satisfaction due to the high quality of protein we use.  We recommend only 1 bar is consumed daily. Remember, do not add fruit, refined or un-refined carbohydrates, root vegetables, sugary foods/drinks or alcohol as these may affect the Ketosis (fat burning) phase. 

Both NHS and NICE now document this method for a successful and proven weight loss system.  Following our Lean & Low VLCD Plan allows you to consume regular meals throughout the day and allows you to create a healthy meal from provided food choices to enjoy with friends and family. You'll soon realise how easily you can fit our Lean & Low Plan into your life and our online 'Meal Planner' will help you keep track, count calories, fats and carbohydrates.

For further Plan details click 6 Easy Steps to Weight Loss tab header

Get Started now with our specific Lean & Low VLCD Plan Diet Box

The Lean & Low Plan Benefits:

Our Meal Replacement weight loss products have been specifically designed for those who follow a Ketogenic / Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) and provide you with the correct ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Each Meal Replacement (MRP) product is packed with 25% RI (recommended intake) of essential vitamins & minerals, with 4 products providing 100% of your daily nutritional requirement for a safe and successful slimming

Very Low Calorie Diets & Total Food Replacement (TFR) Plans are strict and determination is required, however the benefits and speed of weight loss are amazing.

✔   Lowered Carbohydrates & Sugar
✔   Simple, easy to follow structure
✔   Fantastic for targeting dense fat areas
✔   Sense of well-being, increased energy
✔   Speed of weight loss is renowned
✔   Banish bad eating habit

What is a Very Low Calorie Diet Plan?

Both the NHS and NICE now recommended this method as a successful and proven weight loss option and they are becoming very well known.... good news travels fast!

Recently VLCD weight loss has taken the weight loss industry by storm and been proven to promote an amazing, fast and regular weight loss, and can help banishing bad eating habits for future weight management. A Very Low Calorie Diet (VLC) is a weight loss solution that involves consuming approximately 800 calories a day. Carbohydrates and Sugars are monitored to ensure a suitable low-calorie intake.  Before starting, discuss your choice with your Doctor for their support and approval.  Not everyone is suitable to follow a VLCD and you should ensure you do not have any medical contraindications.  We offer some Medical Guidance here.

Following our Lean & Low VLCD Weight Loss Plan your aim is to consume approximately 810 daily calories, although carbohydrates are restricted they should be sufficient to bypass Ketosis.  However, each person is different and you may enter a very mild ketogenic state. This is not the aim of our Lean & Low Plan and by simply increasing your daily Carbohydrate intake to between 70g - 100g you should avoid Ketosis.(Check out our online 'Meal Planner' for this task)

Ketosis is a natural process that our body adopts when it receives deficient energy/fuel from foods consumed and after a few days enters Ketosis, many people actually enter a mild ketogenic state during the night, without even realising.  You fat stores become your primary energy source and you lose weight FAST, so many quite look forward to the process.