Secret weight loss weapon!

Ketosis is an amazing, natural state that the body adopts through a very low calorie and low carbohydrate eating regime. A secret weapon to losing weight & stored fat FAST! 

When a consistently low level of energy foods are consumed, this leads to a depletion of glycogen in the liver and turns your body into a fat burning machine. Burning stored body fat creates ketones as a byproduct and you are then classified as being in 'Ketosis'. Ketones are a source of fuel, just like glucose/sugar/carbohydrates.

Once in Ketosis you have flipped a switch in your body, turning it from a food burning organism to a fat burning organism. Ketosis is proven to promote an amazingly fast and regular weight loss, reduction in hunger, reported to promote a feeling of well-being and should help banish bad eating habits for easier weight management.

Experience the most fantastic Weight Loss with KeeDiet®


KeeDiet Meal Replacement weight loss products (MRP) have been specifically designed for Ketogenic/VLCD weight loss and provide you with the correct ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Plus each Meal Replacement product is packed with 25% RI (recommended intake) with 4 Meal Packs providing 100% of essential nutrients.

✔   Reduced cravings & hunger
   Simple to follow
   Minimal prep time & effort
   Targets dense fat areas
   Well-being, increased energy
   Speed of weight loss is renowned
   Banish bad eating habits

Become a Fat Burning Organism & make weight loss easier

Both the NHS and NICE now recommended the VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) method as a proven weight loss solution. Our Ketogenic/ VLCD plans Rapid Burn, Rapid Burn Plus, Social Plan, Man Plan and Fast Fix Diet are designed to promote Ketosis by restricting your daily calories to less than 800Kcal, alongside reducing your daily carbohydrate intake. By doing this your body is forced to switch from a carbohydrate-burning organism into a fat-burning one. Your stored FAT becomes your primary energy source and you lose weight FAST!

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