Nutritionally complete Meal Replacement for Successful Slimming

KeeDiet® VLCD Meal Replacement products are calorie and portion controlled nutritious slimming products.

Our delicious shakes, porridge, hot meals, soups and bars contain over +25% of your recommended intake (RI) of vitamins and minerals. 

We are committed to providing you with the finest quality products with no Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), Genetically Modified Ingredients (GM,GMO), artificial flavourings or colourings.

Portion controlled Diet Products
✔ Packed full of vitamins & minerals
✔ Low calorie
✔ Save with our 'Diet Plan Boxes'
✔ Suitable for Vegetarians (V)
Marked Gluten Free (GF)
✔ No subscription or Direct Debits
✔ Delivered direct to your door
 Amazing weight loss results! 


KeeDiet® Product Information

Depending on your preference our Shakes, Soups and Meals taste delicious with both water and milk.  After speaking with your Doctor or Dietician, together you can decide what is the best option for you.  Mixing with water provides the lowest calorie option, however mixing with milk provides greater nutrition and follows the new EU 800 calorie VLCD Plan directive. 

If mixing with milk we recommend unsweetened almond or soy milk (approx 33 calories per 100ml), or skimmed milk.  Both will increase the calories to approximately 200Kcals per meal in line with the new EU Regulations. To create a creamy shake, add your shake powder to water/milk. Adding ice cubes is a great idea, then mix well using a shaker bottle or electric mix and consume within 15 minutes for best results.

KeeDiet® soups are just as simple to mix. Add your chosen flavoured soup pack contents to a bowl or cup and slowly add hot water/milk and mix. All Hot Meals are super quick as well, simply add your chosen meal contents and water/milk to a large heat proof bowl, stir well to mix and microwave or stove cook. Follow individual mix instructions on the sachets, leave to cool slightly before consuming. Mixed products should be consumed within 15 minutes for best results.  

Our meal replacement products contain milk/lactose & soya. If you have an allergy to these you should NOT consume any KeeDiet® products. Nutritional, allergen and mixing instructions for our Meal Replacement products are available online. We have also developed a quick go to page Allergen Product Information for quick reference.

Simple and Successful Weight Loss with KeeDiet®!

- Weight Loss for Men & Women
- Step away from trigger foods
- Target stored fat
- Expect an accelerated weight loss
- Visible changes to your silhouette
- Reduced hunger & cravings
- Feel motivated
- Doctors support and approval 
- Optional vegetables and salad

*At the 12-week stage it's time to make a decision. If you have reached your goal weight and/or a healthy BMI 25 at the 12 week stage (or before) then for best results follow our 'Weight Stabilisation' Plan to lock in your weight loss before following Weight Management.

However, if you have not yet reached your goal weight or BMI 25 and you wish to drop further weight you will need to take a break for one week and follow our 'TFR Break' Plan. You may then consider following the same or another KeeDiet Ketogenic / VLCD Plan for further 12 week or shorter cycle with your Doctors approval.  

If you have reached your BMI 25 but still wish to drop a little weight to reach your target then follow our Weight Stabilisation Plan for 7-10 days. Once completed choose your new KeeDiet Plan and move up to a higher calorie programme to provide a more gentle weight loss and gradually prepare you for weight management.  

You can choose to follow our Ketogenic VLCD Plans on a shorter cycle of 4 weeks and your 5th week you follow our TFR Break Week Plan. See Individual Plans for full details


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