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Before embarking on any weight loss journey we always recommend that you check with your GP/Doctor and more information on your suitability to follow the KeeDiet can be found on our 'Safe Slimming' page.

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Full Plan Details

Type of Diet

Starting BMI

Daily Products
On all plans
Daily Water 2.25L - 3L

Food Required

Rapid Burn Plan 

600+ Daily Calorie 

27- 40 *

4 KeeDiet MRP / VLCD Products

(Optional Salad/Veg)

Rapid Burn Plus Plan

750+ Daily Calories 

27 - 40 *

5 KeeDiet MRP / VLCD Products

(Optional Salad/Veg)

Man Plan

600+ Daily Calories

27 - 40 *

4 KeeDiet MRP / VLCD Products

(Optional Salad/Veg

Social Plan

650+ Daily Calories

27 - 40 *

3 KeeDiet MRP / VLCD Products


Lean & Low Plan

Very Low Calorie Diet / Low Calorie Diet
800+ Daily Calories 


3 KeeDiet MRP / VLCD Products
1 KeeDiet High Protein Product


New You Plan

Low Calorie Diet
1000+ Daily Calories 


2 KeeDiet MRP /VLCD Products


5:2 Plan

2 Day Intermittent Fasting
600+ Daily Calories


4 KeeDiet MRP / VLCD Products


Lifestyle Plan 

Weight Management
1500+ Daily Calories


1 KeeDiet MRP / VLCD Product


Fast Fix Diet Plan

Type 2 Diabetes Reversal
800 Daily Calories

25+ 3 KeeDiet MRP / VLCD Products


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VLCD is an abbreviation for Very Low Calorie diet.  A VLCD is described by the NHS and COMA as a weight loss diet that provides less than 800 daily calories  LCD is an abbreviation for Low Calorie Diet and provides a weight loss diet containing between 800 - 1200 daily calories.

Yes, we believe so and so do our clients that return again & again.

We use calcium casein in our products so you are guaranteed the highest quality protein available. Your body will also slowly digest the protein we use for over four hours, satisfying your hunger for longer.

You may experience some common side effects, generally in the first week. These are usually noticed in the first few days of your plan as your body is adjusting to your weight loss plan and should subside after a few days. Clients can then notice a sense of euphoria and well being as their plan continues. 

If at anytime you are concerned you should stop your weight loss plan and seek professional medical advice.

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Unfortunately any Set Plan Boxes or Bundle that provides a set list of included flavours is restricted to just those products/flavours and cannot be changed or exchanged for other flavours.  We offer several Bundles and Diet Boxes and many of them allow you to choose your flavours and products.

We offer a Taster Pack which is half the normal price with products just 77p each.  Our Taster Pack allows you to select 10 products to sample.  OneTaster Pack is allowed per client. 

We also offer a Set 28 Starter Box which provides a full selection of 28 KeeDiet Meal Replacement products.  Flavours are set and a variety provided as shown on the product link.  If you are a vegetarian you can make us aware to swap those that are not suitable   Products in our Starter Box equate to just £1.07p each and includes a FREE KeeDiet Blender.

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Generally this is caused by dehydration and insufficient fluid intake. Also transitioning on to your plan, carbohydrate and caffeine withdrawal is a common side effect and both may cause headaches. Ensure that you are drinking the recommended amount of water. If permitted you can take a simple pain killer to remedy this effect.

If concerned at anytime please visit your Doctor

It is very important that we constantly replace body fluids. Sufficient liquid intake is necessary to maintain proper kidney function. On all KeeDiet Plans we recommend the minimum water consumed is 2.25 litres (approximately 4 pints).  This does not include water used to mix your products, tea or coffee. Water can be tap/bottled/sparkling/hot or cold. 

Water should be sipped often and in regular intervals to avoid dehydration and the most common side effect of Ketosis. You should never drink liquids in large quantities as this can cause hypontremia, and can cause nausea, vomiting and headache. In serious cases, the brain can swell, causing confusion, seizures, coma and in rare cases, death. 

Click here for more information of the Why so much Water?

Perfect! This is quite normal and welcomed by most dieters, it is just one of the benefits of following a VLCD/Ketogenic Weight Loss Plan. Just enjoy... you may find after a few weeks a euphoric feeling is not so noticeable!

Some people can experience feelings of nausea, generally in the first few days of a VLCD or Ketogenic Weight Loss Plan. This may be due the high concentration of vitamins and minerals contained in our Meal Replacement products.

Try drinking a glass of water before, during and after consuming your product which can ease this,  Also consider halving your products so that you have smaller meals more often for a short period of time and while you settle into your plan.

Whilst in a fat burning phase (ketosis) this causes a type of acetone to be released in the breath, which is often described by dieters as a metallic taste in your mouth. 

This is more noticeable in the first few days of a VLCD / Ketogenic weight loss plan and will normally improve as your body becomes accustomed to the diet.  Drinking extra water will dilute the acetones, regular brushing of teeth (and tongue) and using a mouth wash will also help. A spray breath freshener can be used and also strip sugar free chewing gum in moderation.

It is quite normal to feel a little colder whilst following any weight loss plan.  This is due to the reduced thermogenic response to a lower food intake and of course the loss of your insulating fat! Another factor may be the slight reduction in your metabolic rate, and this is quite normal during weight loss. Move around a little more, wrap up and wear extra layers.

Constipation seems to be the most common side effect of being on a VLCD. It is quite normal for toilet habits to change for a number of reasons, as you are eating less food there is less to be excreted. Increasing your water intake can help. It is suggested that you consider the optional vegetable/salad allowance provided on your plan details to provide extra fibre to your diet, as some medical conditions are associated with a low fibre intake.

Passing stools should not really cause you discomfort or pain. In the first instance of constipation use a laxative to get things back to normal, but if constipation remains a problem, you need more regular fibre in your diet.  

Check you are hydrated and drinking plenty of water throughout the day. You could also try our water flavouring which contain natural fibre, a fibre based laxative or herbal laxative.  Leaf teas are also useful along with Psyllium Husks on a low carb diet.  If you are concerned in any way, please speak to a Doctor or a pharmacist for further information and advice.

A small number of people experience this when adjusting to the mineral intake of their new diet regime. This will subside, try a fibre supplement or our water flavourings (they have added fibre) and remember to up your intake of water to compensate for loss of fluid

Cramping muscles may occur when on a VLCD and are generally caused by fluid imbalances and dehyration in the body's tissues. The remedy is to drink more water and regularly move your muscles. Possibly adding a few grains of salt to soups or in a glass of water at bedtime might help.

Some drugs can cause cramps as a side-effect, or make cramps occur more frequently. These include: diuretics ('water tablets'), salbutamol used by asthma suffers and others.  If using any prescribed medication it is imperative that you first check with you doctor that you are suitable for your chosen programme. Also, if you have other symptoms apart from cramps, see your doctor who may wish to examine you and run further checks or review medication. 

A few people mention dry skin and hair shedding, generally in the later stages of a weight loss plan and is generally due to the physiological response to your actual weight loss process rather than the diet products.  When your weight has stabilised your hair follicles generally start re-growing.

Hair grows in 3 stages - Anagen, Catagen, Telogen. Anagen is your hair shaft growing. Catagen is a 'resting' phase, Telogen is the 'shedding' phase. Anagen uses energy and when following a VLCD you experience a decrease of energy and your body will shut down this process. This means your hair will automatically go into the Catagen (resting) phase.

When you increase your energy intake, certain hair follicles will go into Telogen (shedding) phase & the hair is then shed. This usually goes unnoticed but some people may notice a 'thinning' of the hair. The main thing is not to panic as it doesn't happen to everyone and is natural and will resume to a normal growth cycle within time.  Hair shedding can also be associated to many issues – emotional stress, severe illness, pregnancy, hormones, flu, and, in a small percentage of people, extensive weight loss. 

See our Nuts & Seeds Page for further information, consider using an essential fatty acid supplement/canola/flaxseed. Adding a little walnut / olive oil to your permitted vegetables/salad is a good preventative. If concerned, consider 1 or 2 capsules of essential fatty acids, e.g. Omega 3,6 & 9 which can be taken each day, extra to those in our products and may help stop your skin from drying out and your hair from thinning.

If at any time you are feeling unwell or feel concerned about your health whilst following a KeeDiet Plan we advise you to stop and visit your Doctor before continuing.

Dieting whilst feeling unwell from colds or a virus is extremely difficult and we advise that you should be fit and healthy to get the best results from your weight loss.  Consider pausing your plan, eat healthy foods and return once feeling better.

We suggest whilst dieting you attend regular appointments with your Doctor.  Request a health check including blood pressure test and asked to be weighed.  If your health changes at any time whilst slimming or you are prescribed new medication you should discuss this with your Doctor before continuing. 

Occasional bruising is sometimes noticed once a ketogenic diet has been followed.  It may indicate you are receiving insufficient Zinc in your diet and may need to take a daily supplement. Consider a daily vitamin & mineral supplement to cover extra essential vitamins & minerals whilst reducing weight.  You may also take an additional Zinc supplement for a short time.

We recommend you discuss this with your Doctor as it's not a very common side effect.

If allergic to one of the ingredients in our products we recommend you do not use them.

Our Manufacturers provide us with Allergen information for products and these are shown on the individual product information.  We have also compiled an Allergen List document to gather the information for easy reference. Product Allergens List 

A full list of nutritional information can be found on the individual product information pages and also our sachets.

Yes, most KeeDiet MRP products are suitable for vegetarians.  A vegetarian (V) symbol is shown on the product title and also a 'Suitable for Vegetarian' button is include in the product listing for simple reference. 

A list of vegetarian suitable products is also available on our Allergens List.

This is different for each person, however when following a Meal Replacement Diet with conventional foods the amount may be less than what has been suggested.  When following a Meal Replacement Diet with sachets/products the amount suggested for most people is less than 70g of Carbohydrates to remain in ketosis.  To help you further here is our Carbohydrate Intake list copied from the Weight Loss Centre.  It is a great idea to use our Food Diary to track your products calories and carbohydrates.

50g - 70g
Perfect for most people to maintain mild Ketosis

71g - 80g
Generally too high for most trying to maintain mild Ketosis. However, those with BMI 40+ or weight above 17 stone can achieve mild ketosis, due to a higher body weight.

81g - 100g
Not a Ketogenic Plan - Most people will come of our Ketosis, instead classified as Low Carb Diet

101g - 150g
Not a Ketogenic Plan, instead classified as a controlled carbohydrate diet, improving fat oxidation and utilisation by managing blood sugar levels better and improving hormone regulation.

We do use Aspartame in some of our products, others may use sucralose. Aspartame has been subjected to more scare stories than any other sweetener.  However in 2013 the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) conducted a comprehensive review of the evidence and concluded that aspartame was safe for human consumption, including pregnant women and children.

Aspartame is a sugar substitute that is frequently used in diet products and drinks. Product information is available on our Allergens list and will also be mentioned on the individual product information online and on the sachet.

Link: The Truth about Aspartame from the NHS

You can add herbs and spices such as curry powder, chilli powder, coriander or Tabasco sauce.  Use your optional veggies/salad to increase Meal Replacement Soup portion size or add herbs or spices to invent a new soup flavour or to create a stronger taste.    

You can even add a little cinnamon or nutmeg to your Vanilla Shake or try adding some coffee to your vanilla shake. You can also add our water flavourings to your shakes, for example Orange to our Chocolate Shake or Lemon to our Vanilla Shake. 

Instructions for how to make the products are provided on each of the products individual online listing and full instructions are also provided on the product packaging.  Generally whilst in weight loss phase, products are mixed with water.  However once maintaining or for other family members you may also mix with milk if preferred to offer great nutrition.

We recommend only one bar is consumed daily on all KeeDiet Weight Loss Plans.  Some clients prefer not to chew and enjoy only Shakes and Soups/Meals in their first few weeks of dieting until they settle into their plan. 

One bar each day is permissable as long as your total daily carbohydrate intake is less than 70g, this is the upper bench mark for Ketosis.  To comply with regulations, Meal Replacement Bars will generally have more carbohydrates than Meal Packs and therefore delaying their use in the first week or two may help some clients with entering ketosis.

For most people a low calorie plan above 800 calories can be followed until you reach your Target, however you should still check this with your Doctor.  You may use a VLCD cycle until you reach your BMI 25 as a minimum, optimum weight if higher or for 12 consecutive weeks with your Doctors support and approval.

VLCD / Ketogenic Weight Loss Plans follow the NHS and NICE Guidance, a maximum consecutive period of 12 weeks can be followed using our Rapid Burn, Rapid Burn+, Man Plan, Social Plan, after this time you should take a break for one week following our TFR Break Week. You can then return to your original plan with your Doctors approval and support.

Further information on all the KeeDIet® Diet plans can also be found in our 'Plans' section, but please contact us if you require any further advice. Once you start any of our plans support advice is offered through Customer Care.

No, our plans are not suitable when breastfeeding. The best advice is to eat a range of healthy foods and consume nutritionally dense foods.

If wanting to drop weight whilst breast-feeding you should consult your doctor for specific advice for nursing mothers.

No, the easiest way to determine Ketosis is by noticing how you feel and your weight loss results.   When the body is in Ketosis you tend to feel less hungry, and will probably naturally eat less. A dry mouth, metalic taste or strong smell to your breath is another indication and constantly sipping water should help with these symptoms.

However, many like to use Ketone sticks to monitor fat burning or to confirm Ketosis. They are not a guaranteed method but can be extremely helpful and motivating for some people.  A pink colour doesnt always register if you are drinking plenty of water as the ketones are diluted.  If using, you will place a measuring stick in the stream of urine to determine if Ketones are detected.

The decision is split on this one, it is your individual choice if to include a little.  In practice the amount of citric acid intake has never proven to significantly affect someones weight loss whilst following a ketogenic plan. However some research and some clients do report that including citric acid can take them out of Ketosis for a short time, hence the creation of water flavours made with Malic Acid to help Ketogenic weight loss. 

We suggest if including citric acid in a larger quantity on your weight loss plan, you monitor how much is added and the effect it may have on you individually,

Yes you can, isn't it brilliant.  The calories, carbs and citric acid should make no difference to your weight loss plan. We recommend  a maximum of 1/2 pint of jelly can be used alongside a Ketogenic Weight Loss Plan and a little more if following one of our higher calorie plans.  Just take the calorie intake of your allowance, we actually include Sugar Free Jelly in our Meal Planner for you to add to your daily eating plan.

As a responsible, Registered UK Weight Loss Company we are not actually permitted to make claims about actual weight loss. We recommend you read our reviews, check out our social media sites and ask other Keedieters for testimonials. 

Unfortunately there is never a generic answer to this question as each individual is different and things like starting weight, levels of activity and exercise, personal metabolism, etc. will have varying effects on the speed of weight loss.

However, we can add that when following a Ketogenic Weight Loss, clients experience exceptional results and are generally really pleased.

Yes in moderation, we recommend decaf for both.  You may also include any herbal teas, including fruit, flower, leaf. None of these are included as your daily water intake.

Try the Marigold Bouillion as a Savoury Drink or Gravy option.  Found in many health stores, the purple low salt version is the best option. In moderation a little shouldn't affect your weight loss, however try to avoid gravy that is high in salt and uses extra carbs from flour or other thickeners.

Following a Total Food Replacement Diet (TFR) you may experience one, none or a variety of common side effects.  However these should decrease and disappear after the first 3 days.  

Avoiding dehydration and drinking the required water and a little more throughout the first few days can help ease most side effects. Ensure you drink, little and often and not large quantities.  

You may experience some side effects, such as:

  • Headaches *take standard headache medication until they subside
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue & Lethargy
  • Lack of concentration
  • Bad Breath, Dry Mouth
  • Constipation *try a laxative or fibre supplement
  • Menstrual irregularities

Side effects should ease after a short time. If they persist, seek advice from your doctor.

Our Meal Replacement products contain 25% of the Recommended Intake of essential vitamins & minerals each and should therefore not cause an impact on your immune system if the diet is being followed 100% correctly. 

If the diet is not followed correctly then side effects may occur and your health may be affected.  You may wish to take a time release vitamin & mineral supplement alongside your plan and we offer the high quality Solus Supplement in our Diet Accessory section.

If concerned please visit your Doctor and discuss your health further.

Weight loss is a known factor to the increase of fertility.  You may also experience a temporary change in the menstrual cycle, miss a month or become irregular.

Your menstrual cycle and hormone levels may fluctuate with weight changes.  For most, the menstrual cycle is not affected, but in some women breakthrough bleeding may occur. Others may find that their periods stop for a while. Rapid weight-loss with very low calorie diets may temporarily affect the menstrual cycle patterns, however ovulation is generally not interrupted. The metabolism of contraceptive pills may be affected during effective weight loss so extra care may be needed.

Women using a contraceptive barrier method should visit their family planning advisor regularly (approx. each 7lb dropped) to confirm if a different size is required and it may be advisable to use additional contraception alongside. Once coming off the diet or out of ketosis  the normal cycle usually commences.

Yes we do and would love for you to join us there.  To join any of our Support Groups you place your first order, we can then confirm your shopping account with us and accept your request to join.  We do this for privacy, to reduce spam and unwanted posts.

Join our Forum, simply visit our Weight Loss Centre and send us a request, choose your forum name and chat with others. Because FaceBook is so popular have also set up a Secret Slimmers Group on Facebook for our clients, its a private closed group, and doesn't show in your Timeline.  

Of course your very welcome to join both !

It is extremely unusual for a person not to lose weight on a VLCD Plan as the daily calorie intake is much lower than the calories a person burns daily.  Weight lost may be masked on your scales and we recommend you record your measurements regular on weigh day as another method to confirm your shape is changing. 

We recommend that you do not check your weight each day.  Weight can increase and decrease and can de-motivate you.  Instead check your weight weekly. Following a Ketogenic/VLCD Plan, it is your monthly weight loss that matters.

A Weight Loss plateau can affect any person on any weight loss plan, this includes a Ketogenic / VLCD Plan.  If you notice your weight hasn't changed for a week or two, first check you are following the plan guidance correctly, check your portion size, your weights, check you are drinking 2.25L of water or a little more in hotter weather, you may be unwell or are coming down with a cold or are constipated. Did you know your health can affectc ketosis and weight loss?  Check you are using all your required products, for ladies the menstrual cycle can affect your weight as well.  Check your carbohydrates and sugar inclusions (including nuts, vegetables and salad or fruit) and make changes if necessary.  Then check your weight in a weeks time.  

It is scientifically impossible to not drop weight when calories, carbohydrates, sugars are significanly restricted.  Therefore, if you have concluded you are following correctly, keep following your plan, you are experiencing a plateau.  This is annoying but quite normal, especially if you have experienced a rapid and high weight loss, the scales will start moving and you will see success shortly!

KeeDiet is an online provider and we don’t have area advisers or local meetings.

Our website provides a wealth of information, an information booklet is available and also plan leaflets.  We also have Social Media Support Groups and a Client Forum attached to our website.  However, if ever you need support, motivation or have a question that can not be answered online, please get in touch with us. 

Please see the “nutritional info” tab on the product page within the shop for full ingredients.  Also to help here is our Allergen Product List created from our manufacturers details

This is dependant on the plan you have chosen to follow, please see your individual plan for further details.

Yes, this would be a total food replacement diet (TFR), check out our Rapid Burn, Rapid Burn Plus and Man Plan. KeeDiet Meal Replacement VLCD Products comply with necessary regulations for a TFR diet, providing 25% vitamins & minerals per food product and necessary nutritional contents.

Your daily required calories is determined by starting BMI, weight, health, age and requirement.  KeeDiet offer several plans, each plan identifies the daily calories and some guidance.  However you should discuss your options with your Doctor

No, if you have a medical condition or are using prescribed medication you must always seek medical advice before starting on any diet plan to ensure that it is suitable for your personal circumstances.

The KeeDiet® care about you, and your health.  If taking any prescribed medication, herbal remedies or have a medical condition it is imperative that before starting a KeeDiet® Weight Loss plan you speak with you Doctor.  

Replacing daily meals with our products, VLCD dieting or even lowering sugar, carbohydrates and increasing water may not be suitable for you.  Your medication may need careful monitoring or adjusting and your Doctor may wish to monitor you and your blood pressure may also need monitoring.  Please do not under any circumstances stop prescribed medication to follow any weight loss plan, including KeeDiet.

Absolutely! They are manufactured for us and conform to all the current UK and EU guidelines for VLCD diet shakes. Take a look at our ingredient and nutritional content tables. Also note that they contain no monosodium glutamate and definitely no genetically modified ingredients!

Yes, in moderation. Some diet drinks have lots of additives so we would suggest flavoured sparkling water if you like to have a fizzy drink.  Others may include Citric Acid which some clients like to avoid.  Two drinks we are aware of are Coke Zero and Dr Pepper Zero which do not contain Citric Acid, however they do include other nasties.  Still water is always the best option unfortunately

Yes, in moderation and an optional milk allowance is provided on your plan. Of course we don’t recommend that you drink lots of milky teas, but one or two cuppas a day with a small splash of milk can be included in the plan. Remember to add these calories into a tracker to stay within your daily limit.  Unsweetened Almond, Soya and Skimmed Milk are your best choice

Yes, in certain circumstances.  For example our Fast Fix Plan (Type 2 Reversal) requires 3 KeeDiet MRP Mealpacks made with (Almond, Soya, Skimmed) Milk, plus 250g of vegetables/salad for added nutrition.  However to follow our Rapid Burn or Man Plan it is recommended that you follow with 4 mealpacks.

Our plans quote how many packs are required and are designed to ensure you receive the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Dropping a product can affect your health and may make following your plan difficult, be detrimental to your health, cause your body and organs unnecessary stress or damage and can place your body into starvation mode.  

You are likely to feel tired, lack concentration and cravings all of which could put an end to your weight loss.  Follow the plan instructions provided.

Yes the calorific and nutritional content is similar in our products, so feel free to mix any combination each day.

We recommend only 1 bar and 1 Pasta Carbonara each day is chosen due to the higher carbohydrates

The calories shown on each plan include the use of our products.

Between 130-140 calories dependent on the flavour. Check the “nutritional info” tab on the Meal Replacement Shakes within our shop for individual product details.

Firstly congratulations! You should be feeling very proud of yourself and will not want to undo all your hard work, now it is time to lock in your results.

First follow our Weight Stabilisation Plan if you have lost weight on one of our VLCD/Ketogenic Plans, then begin Weight Management. If you have lost weight following a Low Calorie Diet Plan, head straight to Weight Management and Lifestyle Plan for information to decide if you would like KeeDiet to be a part of your long term weight management.

As with any medical issues, only proceed with your Doctors approval

We believe that Type 2 Diabetes can be controlled and improved with a change to your diet and losing weight will be beneficial to your health. Following recently research we have created a weight loss plan to follow the study research carried out by Newcastle University.  Our Fast Fix Diet Plan is not intended to rewrite the Newcastle Diet but instead provide an alternative product to those used in the side.

If you have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, or are using prescribed Diabetes medication, it is imperative that you consult and confirm with your Doctor your suitability before using KeeDiet products.  Please discuss with your Doctor as prescribed medication may need adjusting and close monitoring is advised.  It is also helpful if your Doctor carries out blood, liver and pancreas test that can be monitored throughout the weight loss phase.

Unfortunately if you have been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes it is highly unlikely that a KeeDiet Plan or Meal Replacement products will be suitable for you as this is a serious medical condition not caused by diet and using without professional knowledge, care and attention could cause long term damage to your health or in certain circumstances death. Please seek medical advice before using KeeDiet products or plans. 

KeeDiet are not new on the scene, we have been promoting Meal Replacement products since 2008. We are proud of the exceptional relations with our manufacturers through years of buying, loyalty and responsible purchasing.  We are rewarded with excellent prices, high quality products, delicious flavours and we strive to provide our clients with the best service possible also.

We get great offers of possible new flavours and product ideas to be developed to keep you excited whilst you drop weight and just like you we shop around and compare prices for our packaging, equipment and company essentials. We only sell online, allowing us to keep our overheads down, we also bulk purchase which allows us to pass on great savings to you and keep our product costs as low as possible.

Yes, if used correctly with guidelines followed. VLCD's are safe and promote a successful weight loss, allowing you to significantly reduce calories and step away from conventional eating for a short time.

In fact Meal Replacement products have been around since the 1970's and were first introduced in hospitals where users where kept in hospital, luckily things moved on fast. However, VLCD's aren't suitable for all and may not necessarily be the right way of losing weight for you. Certain medical conditions can exclude you from commencing on a VLCD. You must consult your Doctor to confirm suitability prior to commencing.

In the early stages, normally the first 1 to 3 days, you may feel hungry as your body is trying to adjust to a new regime. However, this gradually disappears and hunger is reduced as your body enters Ketosis. Drinking 2 - 3 litres of water throughout the day will help fill you up and reduce common side effects in the early stages.

Once Ketosis is established and as our products provide approximately 4 hours of hunger satisifaction so you may feel a little hunger on the approach of your next products.  You may also think you are hungry at other times but generally it is psychological and following the learnt habits you have formed over the years.  We often mistake thirst for hunger, so keep sipping water.

No, our Meal Replacement products contain 20-25% of essential vitamins & minerals. Therefore Four KeeDiet full Meal Replacement sachets provide 100% of your recommended daily intake of vitamins & minerals and a multi vitamin is not necessary.  If consuming less than four full Meal Replacements products, taking a supplement is a consideration and may be advised.

Some products sold by KeeDiet®, you are permitted to use as an exchange when following a KeeDiet Plan.  These are not classified as a full meal replacement product and do not contain the necessary vitamins and minerals (eg: High Protein-Low Carb Range, Nutrisaveur Ready Meals) if using these a daily supplement should be added.  

Adding a daily vitamin & mineral supplement or using permitted vegetables and salad may help with a possible mineral deficiency when following a Ketogenic weight loss plan and consuming extra water.

You should be drinking around 2 - 3 Litres each day.

The average person requires at least 8 glasses of water or liquid per day (around 1.5-2 litres depending on body size & exercise levels). When you are on a VLCD, you will need to drink more. However, everyone is different so we can't say you have to drink a certain amount.

Listen to your body, if you feel thirsty, then have a small drink. Drinking is so vital for your body to function properly. It can prevent dehydration and side effects such as dizziness, headaches, nausea, dry skin & constipation. NEVER drink large quantities within a short period of time. Doing this can be FATAL. Please read our 'Importance of Water' page for more information.  

Alcohol should not be consumed whilst following a weight loss plan which is sufficiently low in calories, restricts sugar and carbohydrates so that a mild Ketogenic condition may be promoted.  When in Ketosis, consuming alcohol may be dangerous and in extreme cases may even cause death or long term health conditions.  If intending to drink alcohol it is advised that you stop a Ketogenic Diet, we suggest you follow a healthy eating plan at least 48 hours prior to drinking alcohol. 

Your body will burn consumed sugars, energy and carbohydrates found in alcohol before fat and can affect Ketosis due to the content. Weight loss will pause until alcohol leaves your system and ketosis has to be re-established. Alcohol can affect both your judgment and your willpower.  Dehydration is often caused and can easily encourage you to wander from your weight loss plan, plus alcohol is wasted calories and has no nutritional qualities for you.

No alcohol during your weight loss phase will also allow you to detox your system - Alcohol is a toxin, our bodies don't need it, we gain no nutritional value from alcohol so give yourself a better chance and cut it out for a while.

No, is the simple answer. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or given birth in the last three months please DO NOT consider a VLCD or LCD. Your body needs adequate energy to give your baby the best possible chance of being well nourished and healthy.  Also current guidelines advise that some micro-nutrients and vitamins must not be exceeded, for example vitamin A, which is present in all of our products.  If concerned about your weight during pregnacy speak with your Doctor or Midwife who can help advise you.

At the beginning of your weight loss plan you may feel an extra food pack will keep you focused and on track. First try increasing your water, use your permitted optional veggies and salad and if this doesn't work, then it is better to use an extra food-pack than eat other foods.

You may add an extra product to all plans, just count the extra calories, etc.  You may occasionally feel the need for an extra pack on odd days.  By using an extra food pack you are not cheating.  Unless your plan dictates a 5th product we recommend opting for a High Protein product with less than 100 calories & 5g of Carbohydrates.  These generally have around 18g of Protein which will help you feel fuller for longer.

If you constantly feel tired, lack concentration and feel hungry it may be advantageous to add an extra food pack to your plan and consider our Rapid Burn Plus Plan.  Shift workers often need to add an extra food pack. 

Gentle walking or toning exercise such as Yoga may be added to your weight loss plan, but anything more strenuous such as swimming, running or going to the gym needs to be discussed with your health professional in further detail.   

Exercise forms an important part of your weight loss journey, and is key to your long term weight management.  It is a good idea to focus on increased movement alongisde your KeeDiet Weight Loss Plan, but how much or what exercise you take depends on your calorie intake, health, age and preference. 

If following a VLCD (very low calorie diet) no planned exercise is recommended until you enter the third week.  Then gentle exercise only whilst your body settles down into the reduction in calories or ketosis efficiently converting and burning your stored fat for energy. 

High impact exercise needs to be powered by energy from food intake, and this is obviously less while on most Kee Weight Loss Plans, so be realistic about what you will be able to achieve

Visit our Exercise Page for more information

This depends on your goal weight.  Once you reach a BMI 25 you must stop a VLCD and increase your calories.  If your goal weight is lower than at a BMI 25 you must still stop and can follow our Lean & Low Plan (810kcal), New You, 5:2 or Lifestyle Plan.

Your daily calories need to be more than 800 calories and as your weight and BMI falls lower you should be increasing your calories back to normal eating of around 1500 - 2500 daily calories, you can use our plans mentioned above as gentle steps back to conventional eating and Weight Management.

Some common side effects may be experienced whilst following a low carb / ketogenic weight loss plan, but they are generally manageable. Dry mouth and bad breath, frequent urination, fatigue and dizziness, hypoglycemia, shakiness or weakness, sugar cravings, muscle cramps, diarrhea and constipation

Most, if not all of the symptoms can be prevented and keep you from struggling and possibly quitting your weight loss plan.  Side effects are generally a transitioning effect and will subside as you become "keto-adapted" and able to burn fat instead of glucose for fuel.

Dehydration is one of the main causes for Ketogenic / Low Carb common side effects.  Make sure you drink plenty of water, sip throughout the day rather than consuming large glasses.  Adding a daily vitamin & mineral supplement may also help with mineral loss along with using the permitted vegetables & salad.

See Common Side Effects Tab in FAQ for more information

As your body switches from being a carbohydrate-burning organism into a fat-burning one, it is a good idea to take it easy in the first week or two of starting your KeeDiet VLCD / Ketogenic Weight Loss Plan and allow yourself to settle into your plan. 

You may find the first few days a little difficult, you will naturally feel hungry, tired and crave energy foods.  You may also experience headaches and muscle weakness, symptoms which are very similar to a detoxification process. However, as your first week continues and you begin your second week you should start to gradually feel better.

Once you have enetered ‘Ketosis’ your body has been forced to switch to using stored body fat instead of food/carbohydrate for its fuel/energy.  At this point you are classified as being in a Ketogenic condition, the body is breaking down your stored fats and by doing so creates tiny molecules called ‘Ketones’.  If the body cannot find a use for them, they are excreted in your urine or breath. 

Glycogen is the way our body processes and stores glucose for energy, chiefly in the liver and the muscles.  Broken down it releases glucose into the bloodstream to be used as fuel for cells.  The glycogen stored in the liver is what keeps specific systems running all day, including the brain, kidney cells, and red blood cells.  Most of the carbohydrate we eat ends up as fuel/glucose. 

Stored energy (glycogen) stores water alongside, this can account for approximately 4-5lb on your weighing scales, therefore during the first 3-4 days you generally experience a dramatic weight loss.  Although this is not yet a loss of stored body fat, it should help to motivate you and will immediately make you feel lighter and less bloated.

The easiest way to determine Ketosis is by noticing how you feel and your weight loss results.   When the body is in Ketosis you tend to feel less hungry, and will probably naturally eat less. The body switches from being a carbohydrate-burning organism into a fat-burning one. The fat stores become a primary energy source, and you lose weight. A dry mouth, metalic taste or strong smell to your breath is another indication, and constantly sipping water should help with these symptoms.

Another way to identify Ketosis is to use urine sticks.  These can be extremely helpful and motivating to some, but do not always show a pink colour if plenty of water is drunk as the ketones are diluted.  If using Ketone sticks to monitor your fat burning or to confirm Ketosis. You will place a measuring stick in the stream of urine to determine if Ketones are detected.

Colours light pink to rose pink are a good gauge of Ketosis, dark pink to maroon are considered a gauge of dehydration and drinking more water is required.

If showing extremely dark in the morning (first passing of urine) keep to your regular quantity of water and test again in the early afternoon, if still dark increase your water consumption.

Users should be aware of normal fluctuations, although a good indicator Ketur Reagent Sticks are not a guaranteed result. EG: Illness, Stress, lack of water, plenty of water, Menstral Cycle which may affect the results.

Ketogenic Diet Plans are not suitable for everyone, for example those with a BMI lower than 27, those under 18 years old or pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. If you have any health issues, are taking medication or have a medical condition it is imperative that you consult your doctor to confirm a ketogenic plan is suitable before commencing. 

Total Food Replacement/Very Low Calorie Diet (TFR/VLCD) diets require medical approval and supervision. We advise that you should visit your Doctor every four weeks to request a blood pressure and health check. Contact your doctor immediately if you suspect that you have a medical problem or if your health changes during your weight loss plan.  

Ketogenic / VLCD weight loss plans are intended as a short and effective method to drop weight fast rather than a permanent or long term replacement for a balanced diet.  

Content on this site is not intended to replace professional advice provided by a doctor or medical professional and is offered as Medical Guidance only.

After following KeeDiet® Rapid Burn, Rapid Burn Plus, Man Plan & Social Plan and reaching your BMI 25 and Target Weight you are now ready to begin the road to a successful lighter life and return to conventional eating.

We strongly advise you to follow our 7 or 10 day Weight Stabilisation Plan.  This plan will provide a controlled route back to conventional eating, slowly re-introducing food groups, specifically carbohydrates, sugars and encourages you to adopt a new healthy eating regime.

If after reaching your BMI 25 you wish to drop a little more then follow our Weight Stabilisation Plan and then start moving up our plans gradually using them as steps, New You, 5:2, Lifestyle Weight Management.

For our Weight Stabilisation stage, simply contact us via a Support Ticket or at sales@thekeediet.co.uk and we will send you a copy of this plan via email in a PDF document for you to view, print and carry with you for easy access.

If you have followed our Lean & Low, New You, 5:2 Plan, you can head straight for our Lifestyle Plan for Weight Management.  However for a more gentle route and to help encourage healthy eating, portion control and create a new eating regime, gently move up these plans in order, a week or two at a time until you reach Lifestyle Weight Management.

Following guidance from NICE and NHS Guidance you should not follow a VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) for more than 12 continuous weeks without a break and should cease this type of plan once you have reached a BMI 25 as a minimum.  Some clients prefer to follow a VLCD in shorter bursts and this is acceptable.  Follow for 4 weeks and on your 5th week follow our (Total Food Replacement) 'TFR Break Week' Plan and general health advice.

Completed 12 Weeks - Reached your Target Weight or BMI 25

Time to start gently increasing your calories and food choices on route to weight management.  We strongly recommend you follow our Weight Stabilisation Plan to lock in your results. You can then follow our New You Plan to drop a little extra weight or our Lifestyle WM Guidance or 5:2 IF Plan to start Weight Management. After Weight Stabilisation you can even just decide to eat healthy foods and design your own eating plan see our Weight Management Page for advice.

Completed 12 weeks - BMI is 25

If your BMI is above 25 and you wish to continue your VLCD / Ketogenic weight loss journey following another full or shorter cycle, or maybe you want to select a different KeeDiet VLCD / Ketogenic Plan then follow our 'TFR Break Week' for one week and begin your new VLCD Cycle/Plan.  If want to drop a little more weight with a non-ketogenic plan, which increases your calories, foods choices and exercise, then follow our Weight Stabilisation Plan for 7-10 days and begin your new plan.  Consider our New You Plan with 1000 daily calories.  You can choose any KeeDiet Plan with your Doctors approval and continue to drop weight.

Following any weight loss plans or a further VLCD cycle, visit your Doctor for their approval and support.  We advise that your BMI should not drop lower than a BMI 18, however a BMI 20 is considered optimum for good health.

A 'Fat' gain will only occur if you regularly overeat and consume more energy foods / carbohydrates than your body requires. Working out your BMR figure can help identify how many calories you personally require each day.

Controversy has always existed regarding the optimal rate of weight loss for long-term weight management success.  Don't be fooled by the myths that slow weight loss is more effective than rapid weight loss long term, its not! 

It is advised to re-introduce food groups slowly, specifically carbohydrates. Using our Weight Stabilisation Plan and then other plans as calorie controlled increase steps is highly recommended and the ideal solution.  This will help you returning back to conventional healthy eating which is then made easy and will encourage a new healthy eating regime for you to adopt for successful weight management.  

You should expect when you start to consume more carbohydrates, your body will convert them to glycogen and they will be stored back into the muscle, liver and blood stream along with the water, this is competely normal. We mentioned above that in the first few days of starting a VLCD/Ketogenic plan you depleted your energy (glycogen) stores which equated to approximately 4-5lbs loss on your weighing scales.  It is therefore quite normal and expected for the same to happen when you come off a VLCD plan that has involved ketosis and you should expect a small regain of weight. But........

Remember as none of the initial weight lost in the first few days was considered a fat loss - none of the weight gained is a fat gain either and you shouldn’t allow yourself to become overly concerned.  It can take two weeks to slip back into healthy eating and you may even notice a slightly bigger increase than expected, sometimes an extra 2lb in addition to the 4-5lb glycogen is gained.  This additional 2lb is extra loading and is lost naturally the next week when following the re feeding plan.

It is worth mentioning at this stage that 'Fat' gain will only occur if you overeat and consume more energy foods / carbohydrates than your body requires, working out your BMR figure can help here.  In fact the glycogen and water gain you will experience is actually quite positive, it effects your metabolism as it occupies your muscle cell areas and increases the amount of calories your body burns each day.  Isn't it great to know that some weight gains are actually a positive and something to look forward to!

Determining your BMI and/or Waist to Hip Ratio is important as this identifies your need to drop weight.  Having a high BMI often can cause medical issues and most people are recommended to keep their BMI lower than 27.  BMI 25 is recognised as the optimum figure for most people, unless very muscular.  See our website pages for more information.

KeeDiet plans, Rapid Burn, Rapid Burn Plus, Man Plan and Social Plan are our VLCD / Ketogenic Weight Loss Plans are targeted those medically classified as obese, with a BMI 30+.  Those classified as overweight with a BMI 27-30, with more than 14lb / 1 stone / 6.35kg of weight to lose before they reach a BMI 25 may also be suitable and we recommend you discuss this Ketogenic/VLCD option with your Doctor. 

A BMI 20 is the minimum we recommend your BMI should be. Falling below a BMI 18 you are medically classified as underweight and should not use KeeDiet Products for weight loss.  Having a medically classified BMI can also affect your health.

Click here for more BMI information and Calculator

If you have been provided with an Order Number, we have received your order. KeeDiet® strive to provide an excellent customer service for you. Our dedicated team are on hand to receive your order and ensure your products reach you as quickly as possible.

Customers can track their parcels through to dispatching via their Account History and can then track the courier online for immediate updates and delivery times.  However, if at anytime you notice something that causes you concern (eg: parcel delayed or that your parcel hasn't moved) please contact us immediately at sales@thekeediet.co.uk or via our online Contact Form and we will begin an investigation with the courier.

Depending on the courier you have selected and your delivery area, postal times may differ, please see the Delivery Information Page for more guidance.  Our offices are closed on Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays and we do not dispatch orders.  We do offer limited email support and social networking support.  

sales@thekeediet.co.uk or Raise a Support Ticket

No, water used for mixing products is not included in your daily requirement.  We recommend that an extra 2 - 3 litres of water is consumed on all KeeDiet Weight Loss Plans.

A VLCD/Ketogenic Plan should not be followed for one week preceding blood donation and for one week after. During this time it would be wise to raise energy intake levels up to 1200 Calories. If you feel this interupts your programme and makes returning to a VLCD difficult we would suggest that you abstain from giving blood until you have completed your weight loss phase

As Soy is in many of our products and classified as a medical condition we suggest that you speak with your Doctor before using KeeDiet Products. 

KeeDiet is used by many people suffering with a thyroid function complaint. However, the issue of whether soy has a negative effect on the thyroid has been a continuing controversy. The potential effects of soy on the thyroid remains a divisive issue and shows no signs of being resolved in the near future.

When using any prescribed medication including Warfarin you should ensure you are safe to follow a weight loss plan with your Doctor before starting. Your Doctor will need to monitor your warfarin dose regularly throughout weight loss to ensure your thyroid function remains stable.

Our manufacturers do not confirm or unconfirm suitability, however most of our products are suitable for vegetarian use and therefore do not include meat, including pork.

Here is a copy of our Product Allergen List that you may find useful when choosing your products.


It will be more difficult to follow the Rapid Burn Plan during Ramadam.  As our products are designed to be consumed every 3-4 hours, however we understand that during Ramadan daylight hours, rigid fasting is observed, which means that all KeeDiet® products / foods and the required water will need to be consumed before sunrise and after sundown.

During the time you have available, try to spread your intake of products and water out as evenly as possible, this may require rising a little earlier.  We do not recommend that you consume 2 products in one sitting as this may raise your insulin levels and mineral intake levels too quickly, and make it more difficult to continue.  Also do not speed drink as this can also harm your health, try to space your water intake evenly through the time you have available. 

If you find that following your weight loss plan is too difficult during Ramadan, it may be permissible to delay the fast for health reasons, allow water throughout the day, or alternatively pause or commence your Plan after Eid ul-Fitr and the end of Ramadan.

Sugar Free Gum can help with fresher breath.  However if possible it is best to avoid because chewing gum stimulates the release of gastric juices, which in turn will make you feel hungry. If you really need to chew, then only chew for two or three minutes and whilst your gum has flavour. 

Yes. If you have high blood pressure you may be able to follow any KeeDiet Plan, however this depends on other health issues and your current BMI.  Regular monitoring is required while following your Plan. Hypertension medication and diuretics prescribed for hypertension will need to be monitored and may need to be adjusted throughout the weight loss period.

Following the Rapid Burn and lower KeeDiet weight loss plans will naturally cause water loss. Lower sodium intake generally results in a natural loss of water in the early stages. This, along with your weight loss, will hopefully reduce your blood pressure.

Many health benefits can be experienced when following a VLCD/Ketogenic weight loss plan. Not only is there often a significant drop in blood pressure, but sometimes a decrease in medication is required as well. 

You may have noticed that some of our sachets produced in 2021 have been stamped with 2 Packs = 1 Meal.  Unfortunately this printing error has occurred during the manufacutring process. (the EU prefer to follow a 800-1000 calorie plan). 

Please disregard the stamped comment and continue to follow your plan details.  You can choose to mix your products with water or milk.  All sachets contain 25% RI of essential vitamins & minerals, adding milk will increase the nutrition and calories.  If you are following our Fast Fix Diet Plan or prefer to follow the European Diet of 800-1000 daily calories, simply add unsweetened soy or almond milk to your products.