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Why so much Water


Stay Hydrated whilst dropping weight with The KeeDiet

Unlike conventional foods which contain up to 70% of our daily intake, VLCD or Meal Replacement foodpacks are generally in a powdered format and therefore extra water is required.  Every person is different and the requirement for fluids can depend on factors such as ones body size, the days temperature and your level of activity and lifestyle habits.

It is recommended in climates such as the United Kingdom that the average person should be drinking 1.1litres/3.5pints of fluid each day which is additional to the 2.5litres/4pints of water that may come from the foods consumed during the day.  At The KeeDiet we suggest that your daily fluid intake, which is additional to the water used to prepare our products should be at least 2.25litres/4pints. 

The recommended fluid does not include, tea or coffee, but does include tap, bottled and sparkling/soda water  (Malic Acid drink flavourings can be added to flavour your water from the second week, although any drink with Citric Acid should be avoided on a Ketosis structured plan - this includes lemon slices in your tea or hot water).  If drinking several tea and coffee cups throughout the day, these will act as a diuretic and flush away some of the required water, denying your organs and muscles the full benefit of the positive liquids.  Due to the negative effect tea and coffee can have, we suggest that you moderate your consumption and you may also wish to increase your water intake slightly to compensate.



It is extremely important that you stay well hydrated whether you are following a diet plan or eating normally.  One of the good habits you can take with you after dropping weight with a VLCD or Meal Replacement diet is continuing to drink sufficient water.  When following a food replacement diet plan you will naturally eat less conventional foods and therefore your fluid intake will fall.  Ensuring you are drinking sufficient water not only keeps you hydrated, alert and your skin youthful, it will also help you feel full and for this reason we recommend drinking a glass of water before starting you meal. 

Everyone needs to drink sufficient water to prevent dehydration.  Drinking water on The KeeDiet is even more important that normal and is a key part of helping you to stay healthy.  The side effects from dehydration can make you feel quite ill, for example nausea, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, dry mouth and skin, aching muscles plus constipation. Drinking extra water will help you to eliminate waste products and remove the by-products of the fat broken down. 

As with most things in life - don't overdo your fluid intake, drinking too much too quickly is not a good idea, neither is overdoing your caffeine intake.  In fact drinking too much, too quickly can actually be dangerous for our bodies, little and often is the best option.