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Why it Works

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Being Committed to Quality and Committed to you is what underpins the success of The KeeDiet® ...The KeeDiet® offer a choice of simple weight loss plans for both women and men to follow, from our 1200 calorie Lifestyle Plan to our Total Food Replacement Weight Loss Plan, 600 calorie Rapid Burn VLCD Plan (very low calorie diet plan) that have allowed thousands achieve their weight loss goals and lead a healthier lifestyle forever.

Our products are low carbohydrate, low GI/GL and simply make calorie intake much easier to control, offering weight loss plans that combine healthy foods alongside our delicious meal replacements.  Our 600 calorie Rapid Burn Plan is a full meal replacement plan, widely known as a ketogenic weight loss plan.   Offering amazing weight loss results, the science of this plan is proven - when in ketosis your body sends signals to your fat cells to release their stored fat.  The released fat is then broken down and converted into pure energy.  Your body literally becomes a ‘fat burning machine'......24 hours a day! 

Our Rapid Burn Plan actively encourages Ketosis and following our 800 calorie Social Plan should allow you to enter a lighter Ketogenic state whilst offering the flexibility of enjoying a healthy daily meal. By combining our expertise with our nutritional and delicious meal replacement products, your weight loss is guaranteed and you will get the results you desire and Fast!  


A perfect combination for a successful weight loss... As already mentioned our products are truly delicious, so we should also tell you that our VLCD Total range are nutritionally complete meal replacement products with 21 essential vitamins and minerals in over 30 key ingredients, packed full of premium protein and added fibre keeping you feeling fuller for longer (approximately 4 hours).  As sugar and carbohydrate are kept low they will also help reduce niggling hunger pangs.



High Protein Products... Now to WOW you with our High Protien, Low Carbohydrate Products as well.  Instead of being a full meal replacement product this amazing range is an extremely innoative and enjoyable high biological value protein weight loss experience.  Scientifically designed to offer lowest calories, lowest carbohydrates yet the highest protein content to ensure hunger is satisfied. Perfect for weight management, to increase your choice, add variety and have the option to include an extra delicious handy snack such as puffs, nuts, plus ready made drinks, we even offer the amazing Nutrisaveur Ketogenic & Calorie Control Ready Meals (real food menus) that you just pop in the microwave and more.


  • Use our High Protein Range for....
  • Ketosis Friendly Snacks or add extra plan products
  • Freedom to swap one VLCD Total Mealpack for one High Protein Products (add vitamin & mineral supplement)
  • Use for easier weight management 
  • Perfect for a Low Carb Lifestyle
  • Ideal to use on calorie controlled diet plans (Weight Watchers, Slimming World etc)


Easy to purchase & get started..... Head to our Diet Bundles for outstanding prices that will make VLCD and Low Carbohydrate Weight Loss available for all budgets, with our one week Rapid Burn VLCD (600kcal) Diet working out less than the average weekly supermarket shop, you'll probably save money. Plus don't forget our Stock-Up Bundles offering a huge selection of products for just £1.00 each.

Click here here for more plan information, review ouDiet Plans and choose which one is right for you.  We provide specific Diet Bundles for all weight loss plans and an easy-to-use ordering system allowing you to select your flavours in one place, just add your desired products to your basket and the system will guide you through to checkout and you can begin your Transformation as soon as your parcel arrives. 

To sample our products before purchasing your Diet Bundle order our New Client 10 Bundle it's just £6.50 and gives you the opportunity to taste ten of our Total VLCD Products, proving just how gorgeous and filling our meals really are compared to others, thats just 65p per meal (Available 1 per client/address on first order only).  Or if you prefer head to our categorised Online Store and get started creating the new you!