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Weight Management

Congratulations! You've worked really hard to lose weight, showing discipline and stamina to get the desired result.  Now your must concentrate your efforts on keeping your weight stable and not putting those pounds back on, and with that in mind both Kee Lifestyle Plans can be used as a good source of guidance for weight management. 

Choose an item of clothing or take body measurements to keep an eye on your figure, spread 7lbs on the scales over a Traffic Light system - Red, Amber & Green. Red for Danger, Amber for Take Care & Green for Target Weight.  If you reach your Amber signal take care, start to re-evaluate your portion sizes, foods being consumed, exercise, etc. and make the necessary changes to get yourself back in control and reduce your weight a little.

After following our Lifestyle Plan for two weeks and your weight has stabilised this generally means you have reached a calorie allowance that suits your present weight and this figure can be used for long term weight management. At this point, you will know the calorie intake you need to maintain your present weight and a slimmer figure, this will provide guidance of meal size, foods and intake to suit your personal requirements. A BMR Calculator is an easy way to determine how many calories you should be consuming to keep your target weight. 

To control your weight now you must continue to make changes to your lifestyle, practising the learnt techniques used through your weight loss phase.  Below are some further changes you can employ to safeguard your transformation.  Unfortunatley if you return to the bad eating habits and lifestyle you had before your weight loss, overtime your weight will gradually increase.

Remember the small changes you make now will become tomorrows lifestyle habits!



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Key actions to maintaining your Slimmer Figure

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Planning ahead is one of the most successful weight management tips going . Advance planning allows you to remain in control and you will be less likely to make impulsive, snap decisions, studies carried out have actually proved this stating that planners are more focused with decisions made in advance.

  • Firstly identify the problem area, possibly a meal out, a shopping break
  • Don't skip meals, you'll more likely to overeat at the next meal
  • Work out what you plan to eat, write a shopping list
  • Remember portion control
  • Try to sit down and be aware of what you are eating, instead of grabbing food whilst driving or walking
  • Chew thoroughly all food and eat one mouthful at a time
  • Continue to include at least one ProtiKee product daily
  • Always, Always carry a bottle of water, a product or healthy snack with you.



Eating a variety of healthy foods is important for continued good health and weight management.  Throughout your weight loss and stabilisation phase you have been introduced to a variety of healthy foods that will also help you to maintain your new shape.  A balanced diet should include Fruits & Vegetables, Starchy Foods, Milks & Dairy, Protein Foods, Meat, Fish, Eggs and Beans, and about 7% of your daily diet should be small amount of unsaturated fats which nuts are a great source.

GI (Glycaemic Index) is a term you may have heard about recently, this is a measure of how carbohydrates raise your blood sugar levels when you eat them.  Foods that your body breaks down quickly are High GI and will raise your blood sugar levels quickly followed by a slump.  Whilst those which are Low GI and that you have been presented with throughout our weight loss plans have a Low GI value and are slow releasing, having a more gradual effect on blood sugar levels and therefore better for you. A good guide to Low GI foods are those which are normally healthy whole foods, possibly high in fibre like whole grains, fruit, vegetables plus beans and lentils.  To confuse matters a little you still have to be careful how foods are prepared as certain cooking methods will affect GI values. 



Now you have lost weight, you really do not want to regain it and with small changes to your lifestyle you don't have to.  Take a look around your kitchen cupboards, read the labels of foods, be aware of what you purchase or consume each day.  Small changes will make a Big difference!

  • When shopping don't be seduced by special offers
  • Limit your time shopping so as not to allow for too much lingering around foods
  • Try shopping online and purchase just what you need, save £'s and 1lbs
  • Shop on a full stomach
  • Make a shopping list
  • Look out for labels with less than 5% fat -
  • Read the small print, check labels and ensure you are looking at the portion calories and not per 100g
  • Remember anything described as "providing energy" probably is loaded with sugar
  • Don't nibble whilst preparing foods, have a glass of water ready
  • Trim off visible fats from meats & poultry
  • Remove skin from poultry
  • Make you own dressings and marinades with spices, herbs, good oils etc.
  • Measure out foods for example cheese
  • Try to avoid ready meals and make a little extra to freeze
  • Keep a good supply of full of healthy foods



You will want to show off your new shape and socialising with friends, colleagues and family makes us happy.  Eating out is one of life's pleasures for many and there is no need to miss out. Just make small changes, make some new rules to follow. For example if going you're going for coffee with a friend don't choose a milky cafe late, but instead a black coffee with a little skimmed milk.  Here are some more tips which will hopefully allow you to socialise without guilt.

  • Don't go without regular meals / foods and starve yourself in anticipation of your social event.  Maybe enjoy a lighter lunch for example
  • Try eating something light before you go out that way you take the edge of your appetite. Protein is a great, possibly a plain omelette.
  • Avoid appetizers, bread rolls, crisps, peanuts - Crudités are a much better option if available - Sip water to help fill you up
  • Watch the portion size you are presented with, sharing may be a good idea.
  • If you are attending a Buffet selection, sit as far away as possible, allow yourself just one visit and choose a moment when you feel determined to make the right choices.
  • Avoid if you can "All you can eat buffets" restaurants which are extremely tempting, if unavoidable follow the rules above.
  • When selecting your meal don't be afraid to ask for sauces to be put on the side, or ask to be served without chips but extra veg
  • Ask for a water jug on the table and sip water throughout the meal.
  • There is no written rule that you must have 3 courses, choose 2 courses instead and enjoy.
  • Good starters are fruits, salads, fish, lean hams & chicken.  Pates, fried mushrooms, fried fish etc.are high fat foods, whilst soups can be a good choice they may include high fat foods (oils/creams) for flavour.
  • Great ideas for main courses are grilled fish or lean meats, lots of vegetables or salad, choose plain rice or new potatoes instead of fried rice and chips.
  • If you feel full, skip dessert & the cheese board, they are not compulsory.  If dessert is a must, sorbets and fruit salad are a good choice, avoid pastries with creams and custard.  A small portion of what you fancy is fine, and if really tempted why not ask to share with someone



Weight Management is a new exciting phase that you are now embarking on, one that you should enjoy. Exercise is a great addition to any weight management plan and can really make the process, enjoyable, easier and hopefully bring even fun to your new slimmer life.  As a generally rule of thumb it is good guidance that to make exercise effective you need to get a little warm, sweaty and out of breath for approximately 30 minutes or more.  The good news is that this can be done as one half hour, or three ten minute sessions spread over your day.  In addition exercise will help strength muscles and allow you to tone up.  Becoming more active is also a positive step and this can be done in numerous ways.


Simple ways to become more active

  • Get on your bike
  • Walk the dog
  • Walk children to school
  • Enrol in a team sport and meet new friends
  • Take up dancing with your partner or friend
  • Go Swimming
  • Work in the garden
  • Use stairs instead of lifts
  • Park further away from supermarket entrance
  • Get off the bus a stop earlier and walk



There will of course be times when you will give into your cravings; you are presented with a special occasion, like a holiday where you cannot be so controlled for a period of time.  This is normal and you shouldn't feel guilty, instead of beating yourself up and feeling like you have failed - Set a plan in motion. You wouldn't leave your broken down car by the side of the road with no attempt to collect or fix it, you wouldn't leave your dropped shopping on the floor to go to waste and you shouldn't leave your weight management plan and lessons learnt through weight loss phase to go to waste either. 

If you have a lapse, firstly be honest with yourself, importantly forgive yourself and move on. Tomorrow is another day, as previously mentioned, decide what has caused you to gain weight and make the necessary changes to correct your weight.  Dealing with a small gain is going to be so much easier if you deal with it quickly, the alternative is that the 1lbs will start to stack up against you.  You have invested so much time, energy, care and money into your new slimmer figure; just remember how much you enjoy being you now and by responding quickly you will be back to your Target weight in a few days.

"You'll be so glad you found us, we could be part of your future happiness & we'll enjoy our contribution in helping to create a new healthier, lighter life and a slimmer you!  Your success is our advertisement........"