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1 x Ketogenic Ready Meal - Beef Medalllions & Vegetables - £3.99


Delicious Ketogenic Ready Meal .... perfect for all KeeDiet® Diet Plans, including our VLCD Rapid Burn Plan.  Simply pop in your Microwave for 2 minutes and enjoy!


Awarded Premium Quality Product..


   'Ceto' Active / Ketogenic Weight Loss Meal

    Real ingredients prepared by French Chefs

    Easy to store, heat & eat

    29.4g Premium Protein ~ 7.1g Carbohydrates

    No artificial colourings or flavourings

    Just 241 Calories per serving



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Not suitable for Vegetarians due to 33% real beef

Nutrisaveur Starter Range encourage ketosis by reducing carbohydrates and lipids, using alongside our VLCD Rapid Burn Plan, forces your body to tap into your fat reserves for a rapid and effective weight loss. The high protein intake preserves your muscle mass. Your silhouette is reshaped and clearly refined.

Nutrisaveur Diet Chef meals are a high quality, delicious calorie and carbohydrate controlled Ketogenic  ready meals, the result of a bold project belonging to french nutritionists, chefs and food specialists to assist rapid, effective and durable weight loss !   If using to replace a daily meal on any of our weight loss plans, simply include a vitamin & mineral supplement alongside to cover any shortfall of essential nutrients.

Ideal for those looking to lose weight fast, cut calories & carbohydrates without sacrificing hunger satisfaction, quality and taste.


Before opening, this product can be stored at room temperature.

A delicious weight loss & weight maintainance aid  

By their innovative Ceto Active design they are perfect for Ketogenic weight loss plans and provide an amazing real food experience whilst following a VLCD Ketogenic or Low Carboydrate Weight Loss Plan.  If using to replace a daily meal on a KeeDiet Weight Loss Plan it is necessary to include a vitamin & mineral supplement to cover the shortfall of any nutrients. 

Rich in protein & fibre, low in sugar, low in fat, containing a natural prebiotic to promote good bowel health and created with no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. Can be used as part of an intensive, professionally managed VLCD weight loss plan & ideal for weight management / reduction when wishing to lower your daily calorie intake for weight loss.  

Product image may be different than actual product received 


The structure of our plan uses the natural condition Ketosis to force your body to change it's source of required energy from consumed foods, to your bodies stored fat, these products are Ceto Active and when trialled do not interrupt Ketosis.  More info...  VLCD & Ketogenic Weight Loss

Vitamins & Minerals are not fully included.  Although designed for a VLCD / Ketogenic Weight Loss Plan and when used alongside our specifically designed VLCD foodpacks a Ketogenic condition is promote by controlling carbohydrates and sugars Not all Vitamins & minerals are not included and it is necessary to take a vitamin & mineral supplement if using to replace one of our VLCD Total Mealpacks to cover any shortfall.  

Suitable for Ladies & Men:  Our VLCD / Ketogenic Plan is the Rapid Burn Plan, ideal if you are looking for MAXIMUM results in the shortest possible time!  Our range of VLCD Total Meal Replacement Products compliment a VLCD Plan and are ideal for a safe, rapid weight loss for both ladies & men. High in premium protein, low in calories and carbohydrates they provide a delicious & refreshing full meal replacement product without any nasty after taste. Consuming four VLCD Total foodpacks daily provides 100% RDA of essential vitamins & minerals and permits you to replace 3 daily meals & enjoy one healthy snack.  

Men, talller ladies & those with labour intense jobs are recommended to consume five VLCD Total Foodpacks each day, replacing 3 daily meals with 2 healthy snacks.  

Expected Weight Loss: You will see results quickly with our Rapid Burn VLCD Plan and within the first week alone, can expect an average weight loss of 5 -10lbs. This will certainly help you stay motivated for a successful weight loss, your weight loss should then steady, with an expected weight loss of approximately 14lb / 1 stone every 4 weeks and the great news for Men, you generally experience an even quicker weight loss.

Weight Loss Plan Note: A minimum of 2.25 litres/ 4 pints of water is necessary each day, recommendation is to sip throughout out the day.  We also recommend the inclusion of some permitted vegetables or salad each day to aid digestion.  Not every person is suitable for a meal replacement / VLCD weight loss plan. Prior to starting any weight loss plan you are advised to seek professional medical agreement & support. See your selected plan for further information.


  • To Microwave: Shake vigorously. Pierce film lid and heat for two minutes (maximum power).
  • To boil (unopened): Shake vigorously. Do not pierce film lid. Place in boiling water for five minutes.


Not suitable for Vegetarians

Nutritional Information per meal: 241kCal, Protein 29.4g, Carbohydrates 7.1g of which sugar 2.8g, Fat 9.7g of which saturates 2.1g, Fibre 8.5g, Salt 1.68g 

Ingredients: Beef Steaks (33%) (beef meat 75%, water, vegetable proteins), Green beans 23%, Water,  Carrots 11%, Milk protein, Aromatic Herbs, Cream (cream modified corn starch, stabiliser: E407, E331, E444, emulsifier: E471) Dietary fibres, Tomato concentrate, Flavouring, Sunflower oil, Thickeners: xanthan gum, guar gum, Spices. 

Keto-activated formula, exclusive to the base of the effectiveness of products, ingredients are chosen to delivery taste and to ensure Ketosis can continue. Therefore even if citric acid, tomato juice is named this quantity is insignificant to warrant a change in ketosis. 

Nutrisaveur define their meals as a Ketogenic Ready Meal suitable for a VLCD Ketosis Plan.   

Allergens: Contains milk based ingredients