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The Science

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Compliant with all International & European regulations, as well as good manufacturing practices.40 Years Experience... Nutrition experts with a worldwide reputationBest Price for Highest Quality  Meal Replacement Products


Worldwide Reputation for Quality

Quality is assured when dieting with The KeeDiet® because we choose to use only the highest biological protein - calcium casein, a whey protein isolate with all essential amino acids included and known to reduce hunger pangs. Not heated like similar products, the microfiltration technique uses highly technical ceramic filters at low temperatures; this allows for the development of a high protein content but extremely low fat and lactose contents. Perfect for a successful weight loss!


Bursting with Flavour and Reduced Hunger!

Using calcium casein in our products you are guaranteed the highest quality protein available, not only does it allow us to create the most delicious flavours for you with a great smell and no bitter after taste, but your body will also slowly digest the protein we use for over four hours, satisfying your hunger for longer and why The KeeDiet® products will reduce your hunger pangs for longer than other brands. 


Stringent Safety Procedures & Complete Traceability

Our products respect international and European regulations, as well as good manufacturing practices. The chemical analysis on our products is controlled by an external independent laboratory. Our manufacturers have analysis performed on every Batch. HACCP & BRC procedures are in place and our manufacturers have microbiological and organoleptic control over all the batches of raw materials they receive, further analysis is then applied to our meal packs. Our VLCD Total Shakes even have a kosher certification and there is traceability on all ingredients.

Approved Manufacturing

Quality assurance management guarantees enhanced product know-how and food safety thanks to 3 fundamental components: European & International Systems, Internal & External Controls

Intra-community approval number

HACCP risk assessment - food safety guarantee,

FDA (USA Food & Drug Administration) Certification

BIO Ecocert Certification

Kosher certification (Chief Rabbi of Lyons).

Total traceability - raw materials and finished products

Organoleptic test - individual manufacturing batches

Microbiological analyses - individual batches.

Microbiological & physical-chemical analysis plan.


Innovation and Scientific Research

With a proven track record in the nutrition sector and over 40 years of expertise for well-being, assisting health professionals and thanks to the collaboration with nutrition experts with a worldwide reputation, our manufactures have, over the years, built a broad and deep expertise from the intensive study of nutritional requirements and metabolic processes, notably in the case of energy-restricted diets.

Working together with a team of biochemists and engineers, innovation and scientific research is an absolute priority in developing top-quality nutritional products and pushing the boundaries to bring you exciting new weight loss products.

Being Committed to Quality and Committed to you
is what underpins the success of The KeeDiet®