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Safe Weight Loss



The KeeDiet® has a weight reduction plan to suit most lifestyles, including Men, Ladies, those with a higher BMI and those with a healthy BMI, but want to drop a little for a special occasion.

Before your first purchase with us, you must agree to our Medical Guidance Statement. This guidance document sets out good advice and good practices for a safe weight loss. However, it is not intended to replace professional medical advice, instead it is designed to point you in the right direction and provide you with more information to approach your Doctor with a preferred weight loss plan to gain agreement and their support.  

It is advised that before commencing a VLCD Meal Replacement Plan or any Weight Loss Plan you first request a full health check and are regularly monitored throughout for continued good health

NICE Guidance 2009

The UK’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommend using a very-low-calorie diet (VLCD) for no longer  than 12 weeks continuously. This recommendation is based on existing research, most of which has only trialled the use of VLCDs for around 12 to16 weeks.

The KeeDiet comply with NICE Guidance Notes which recommends if you are not at your optimum weight after following a VLCD for 12 weeks you must stop and take a short break. To stay in control of your weight loss, step up to our Social Plan for one or two weeks, increasing your calories above 800 calories.  If not at your desired weight and with your Doctors agreement, you may consider following another 4-12 week phase of the Rapid Burn for further weight loss. This cycle can be repeated with your Doctors agreement until your target weight has been achieved.

It is important to take a break after 12 weeks of a restricted calorie intake and raising your calories above 800 calories each day is necessary.  Following the Social Plan in this period will allow an easy transition back to a VLCD as carbohydrate and sugar intake is still controlled and a mild ketogenic condition preserved.  If you have almost reached your optimum weight after 12 weeks VLCD you may wish to remain on our Social Plan for further weight loss, using our New You Plan and Lifestyle Plans for weight stabilisation and weight management.


Can anyone purchase from The KeeDiet?

The simple answer is Yes........ Anyone above the age of 18 years can purchase KeeDiet products from us to help with weight loss and to make lowering calorie intake easier, however not everyone is suitable to follow our Weight Loss Plans.  

The KeeDiet® Store is a one stop weight loss resource and our products are extremely high quality and versatile for whichever weight loss plan you have chosen, including conventional calorie controlled plans or low carbohydrate weight loss plans.  Our products will enhance any weight loss programme, add some of our products to your present plan to make dieting easier, add further variety or include our mealpacks to speed up your weight loss. Being so nutritious, delicious and versatile they are easily adapted to fit any weight loss requirements.  

Our KeeDiet® Weight Loss Plans, Rapid Burn VLCD Plan, Social Plan, New You Plan and Lifestyle Plans are offered as structured, specifically designed diet guidance to provide optimum weight loss alongisde our products, plus are created to offer weight stabilisation and weight management to follow after your Amazing weight loss results. (KeeDiet® Plan to suit most lifestyles )

Our product ranges, are VLCD Total range and High Protein range, both high quality, professional dietary aids with many suitable for Diabetic's use and weight loss as well. Our VLCD Total range are nutritionally complete & fulfil the minimum requirement to replace a daily meal for a Ketogenic (VLCD) Weight Loss.  Whilst our High Protein products are ideal for conventional calorie counted weight loss plan and low carbohydrate lifestyles/weight loss, they are also superb for weight management helping you to keep trim and at your desired weight without too much effort and can be used as an extra product or swap on a VLCD due to their extremely low fat, low carboydrate and low calorie composition.  The KeeDiet® Online Store 

How you lose weight, fundamentally is your choice, deciding to use one of our weight loss guidance/plans is an option but not a necessity.  However, for continued good health and safe weight if you are taking any prescribed medication, have a medical condition, or a high 40+ BMI your GP should be involved and their agreement received before starting any weight loss journey/plan. They may need to review your medication requirements and/or conduct regular health checks until you have adapted to your new routine, and be able to offer extra support with regular visits. Medical Questionnaire 


Some Medical Questions we are often asked.....

  • Can I give blood whilst following a VLCD? - No, because .......
  • Will I suffer from headaches and dizziness? - Possibly if you .........
  • Why is my breath so horrible? - You are most probably ........
  • What is Ketosis? - Generally experienced within .........

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