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Rewards & Loyalty


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Our Clients Testimonial Area is being Transformed

How about you ?... We are updating our Clients Testimonial area into a vibrant & exciting review page.  Allow us to share your journey and earn a £100.00 KeeDiet Gift Voucher or £70.00 Store Card of your choice xx



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Share your Story and Earn

Why not upload and share your KeeDiet story, you can earn up to £100.00.

Simply email the Kee Customer Care team at "My Testimonial" and then share your success with others.  Everyone loves to hear and see other dieters story, they are inspirational and motivational.  

If you've completed your journey already, simply send us your before and after piccy's and your journey story. Or if you are a new client and just starting, it's a great motivation to take pictures of yourself, face on and to the side.  Then take your measurements and complete the KeeDiet Weight Record Card sent with your first order and keep a track of your progress.  You can then share your story with us once you've reached your Target 

Keep #Buzzing

KeeDiet Customer Care Team



Earn 2% Discount every time you shop with us!

Subscribed to the KeeDiet "Buzzing" Newsletter and receive Loyalty Points. Subscription is available at time of Registration or via your "My Accountarea
Once registered and purchasing from The KeeDiet Store you will automatically receive 2% of the goods value added back to your account in the form of Kee loyality points. Points have a monetary value, 2p (2 Kee Points earned) per £1.00 spent with us online and can be redeemed at your next visit or store up for when needed as they do not expire.
Founded in 2008 we have now been able to help thousands of men and ladies lose weight and maintain their new trimmer figure and with clients returning time and time again for their favourite products, wanted to show our gratitude and launched the KeeDiet Loyalty Points Scheme.
Loyalty Points cannot be redeemed against postage/delivery. The payment section must be completed to cover delivery cost.




VIP 5% Discount for Social KeeBee's ... 

Once you've placed your first order jump over and join our private & dedicated KeeDiet Secret Slimmers Page . any comments or notices will not show on your Facebook Page, so fully private, unless your following with a friend and both joined of course.  

Chat with other dieters, get first hand advice from other Kee Clients, share your journey, weight, aspirations.  Be brave, upload your start picture and progress reports, your struggles and achievements, with so many KeeBee's you'll join our growing family.  Be accountable and let others help and support you.

Tell us your story so far, your goal and all about you and keep in touch, support others and be supported by other KeeBee's on a similar journey.

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It really is that simple!

If wishing to join our Secret Slimmer's group, this is great for instant chat, just send us a friend request and we will add you to the growing group once your shopping account has been confirmed. Once joined head for the code in Files category. Or follow us on Twitter and again we will send you the 5% Discount Code. If you have chosen to join our KeeMeeAbout Forum, brill this is a great place to interact, once registered you have access to our VIP KeeBee area, which will gives you any discount code information and special offers.




Join our Refer a Friend Scheme and receive a £5.00 reward for each friend you refer... 

You are the most honest and trustworthy advertisement and your friends, colleagues and family will see you shrink before their eyes and will want to know your secret. 

See below for Instructions, Terms  & Conditions

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How to set up, share and receive Rewards

Share the KeeDiet® secret and link a friend to your Referral Account.  You can you link as many friends as you wish, for each friend that you link who then spends £25.00 or more on their first order you will receive a £5.00 Discount Coupon*  - Your friend can also receive a £5.00 discount when the spend over £10.00 by simply entering the Discount Code* provided on your invite at checkout. 

Remember for the system to link you and your friend, they must use the 'Take me to Store' button on your invite to access and place their first order.   If the 'Take me to Store' button is not used, you and your friend will not be linked for your potential Reward.

  • After your first online purchase you will receive an automated email providing you with a link to set up your own "Referral Account".  This is simple and you are provided with on screen instructions, it takes just a few minutes.  Once set up you now have your own "Referral Corner" and a personal "unique share code" which you can start sharing.  If you do not receive your automated invite to join our scheme, please contact us
  • Simply send or copy your invite to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Blogs or online chat rooms to recommend our products and service. 
  • Remind your 'Friends' to use the 'Take me to Store' button on your invite to access our website and place their first order, this is vital.  By using the 'Take me to Store' button on your invite any purchase your friend makes is linked to your 'Referral Account'.
  • If your friend spends £10.00 or more on their first order, they can use the Discount Code* provided on your invite to obtain a £5.00 Discount, simply enter the code at checkout "Discount Coupon*" and £5.00 will be deducted from their order.  
  • If your friend has entered our website as mentioned above using the 'Take me to Store' Button and spends £25.00 or more on their first order, you will automatically receive a £5.00 Gift Coupon for your recommendation. Simply enter the code provided at checkout "Discount Coupon*" and £5.00 will be deducted from your order. 

*Our checkout system will only accept one discount code per order/visit

Terms & Conditions

The referred friends must use the 'Take me to Store' Button on your invite for their first purchase to be logged in your account on the referral system and for you to receive any applicable rewards.

The Referral System is set up to allow one email address, postal address, IP address and alerts us if a similar or variation of any is used and will deny usage placing your order to a Pending status, this could delay dispatchment.

We understand that more than one person living at the same address may wish to refer friends. If more than one KeeDiet client resides at the same address, due to these restrictions you will need to share the initial 'Referral Corner' Account and provided 'Unique Code' and keep track of your referrals personally.  

The system also identifies duplicated postal code or personal details when applied on a 'New Client Bundle' if a 'Referred Friend' discount code is used - The system will automatically place a hold on the order and a "Pending" advice will be sent to your registered email address to advise of the 'hold' and we will wait for you to contact us with further instructions.  This may cause a delivery delay or inconvenience to you, so please ensure codes are used correctly and as intended.

How do I Receive my £5.00 Discount Coupon.
Once you have set up your "Referral Corner" account (Here's a direct link) you will receive access to your 'Referral Candy Portal Sharing Page'.  From here you can access your account, track your rewards, linked friends, check your referrals and progress.  
The Referral Corner system will automatically send you a £5.00 Gift Coupon for each friend you refer that has spent £25.00 or more, that has used the 'Take me to Store' button on your invite.  

You may share your invite and unique code with as many people as you wish, refer as many friends as you want, and for each new referral spending £25.00 or more using your personal invite and store button to enter  you will receive a £5.00 Gift Coupon. 




Follow us on Twitter @TheKeeDiet and request our 5% Social KeeBee Discount Code.  


If you love Tweeting, quick replies, and short updates, then Twitter is a perfect way to keep in touch with us. Keep updated with all our News, Offers, Competitions, Newsletters and New Products.  Share your journey, let us know how we are doing, share recipes, your progress report and piccys.  
Get involved, Be a Twitter Social KeeBee and be proud of your achievements xx 

For up todate News head for our #Buzzing News Page