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Rapid Burn VLCD Plan Details

  Discount Bundles 1, 2 or 4 Week Options 

600 Very Low Calorie Diet (4 products per day + allowed vegetable/salad) 


The perfect diet for those who want to keep it simple, whilst experiencing a rapid weight loss! 

VLCD Weight Loss Plans (very low calorie diets) have become extremely popular and allow dieters to move away from conventional meals to focus on weight loss.  Safe, sustainable and offering a rapid weight loss opportunity.

Due to the low amount of Carbohydrates consumed your body will enter Ketosis (Fat Burning), helping you to shed fat quickly and efficiently. No need to cook, weigh or even count calories, all this has been done for you.

It really is the simplest option for weight loss. Not only will you be losing weight quickly by consuming approximately 600 daily calories and can expect to drop 14lb a month, but you will also feel well-nourished.

  • Suitable for 18 years +
  • Those with a BMI 28-40  
  • Doctors approval and support required



We take care of your daily requirements, our nutritionally complete VLCD Total MealPacks provide a minimum 25% RI of essential vitamins & minerals each, with four VLCD Total packs providing 100% RI.

Plan Considerations...... 

Each day select 4 KeeDiet® VLCD MRP products, enjoy one for breakfast, lunch, evening meal and also one as a healthy snack.  Your snack choice may be a KeeDiet® VLCD Meal Replacement Bar, guilt free, delicious and satisfying (we recommend only one bar is consumed daily)   

You have the option to exchange one KeeDiet VLCD MRP product for one of our High Protein products each day.  Our High Protein products are low in carbohydrates, low in sugar, high in protein and suitable for a Ketogenic weight loss plan. If choosing to make this exchange, simply ensure you include a daily vitamin supplement to cover the shortfall of RI vitamins & minerals.

In addition to the KeeDiet® 4 VLCD Meal Replacement daily required products mentioned above, you also have the option to include 50kcal/200g of low gi/gl vegetables or salad (click Read More below for examples and further information) or choose one of our High Protein products for approximately 100 calories instead.

It is suggested that men, taller ladies, those with labour intense jobs or those with a weight above 17 stone or BMI 40+ may require a 5th daily product to provide extra protein, nutrition and energy.  Your 5th product may be chosen from our VLCD Total or a High Protein range and is extra to the recommended Vegetable/Salad option ( 5 daily products + vegetable/salad)

  Drink at least 2.25 litres of water per day, this should be sipped throughout your day.

 No extra protein (i.e chicken/fish etc) recommnended

 No fruit, starch foods or alcohol allowed

Click Read More Buttons below for Vegetable/Salad Selection & further plan information

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Or enjoy a 5th product from our High Protein range, for example ........
Fancy a delicious dessert to complete your day, how about our High Protein Apricot Mousse Dessert or Italian inspired Straccaitella Dessert.  Chocolate Caramel Muesli Clusters are delicious on their own or as a topping on a natural yoghurt if using your dairy allowance.
Need a hug in a mug, then our savoury and satisfying High Protein Creamy Leek Soup will give you an extra boost.  Or need a product on the go, then our High Protein Puff packs are a super choice, Chill, BBQ or Sour Cream or our handy Ready to drink Smoothies, Mango, Strawberry or Banana.
Take a look at our High Protein range and choose your favourite


Kee Rapid Burn Plan - Can Have...  You may consider these as optional extras.  Adding any or all of these items listed below should not interfere with ketosis but may add extra calories.

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  1. You may in moderation add black tea, coffee or herbal tea (these are not included as your water requirement)

  2. Up to 200ml of skimmed/soya/nut milk or equivalent dairy allowance for example natural yoghurt.

  3. You may use tablet sweeteners.

  4. You may sip extra water to the required 2.25 liters through your day and suggest to drink when thirsty.

  5. You may consider adding three times weekly 1tlbs of nuts/seeds or add a little nut/seed oil  to your permitted salad/vegetables.  A little extra healthy oils are good and help promote healthy skin, hair and nails.

  6. You may include a vitamin & mineral supplement as for extra nutrtion. 4 VLCD Mealpacks include 100% RI, this is a minimum requirement and a little extra is considered prudent whilst slimming.  

  7. You may add a little fat free (0-1%) dressing, dried or fresh herbs and spices to products or permitted vegetables/salad.



Responsible Slimming... Continued good health is important whilst slimming. Before purchasing or following this plan we recommend all clients confirm this plan is suitable to follow with their Doctor.  This is particularly important with any person with a BMI 40+ (above 17 Stone), those who have a medical condition, or any persons using any prescribed medication.

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You may follow this plan with your Doctors agreement and support for a maximum of 12 weeks in accordance with the NICE Guidance 2009 document or until you have reached your optimum weight or a BMI 25 as a minimum.  Once a BMI 25 has been reached it is important to increase your calories to above 800 and we suggest a period of stabilisation following our Social and New You Diet Plan.

We recommend this plan is followed for a minimum period of 4 weeks, this allows for the Ketogenic effect to stabilise, create better eating habits and a significant weight loss.   Offering around 600 - 800 calories our Rapid Burn Plan is classified as a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) and is sufficiently low in carbohydrates, sugar and calories to promote a Ketogenic state. Ketosis is known to reduce hunger, cravings and promote a rapid fat and weight loss.  

  1. The basic 4 product Rapid Burn Plan is ideal for most dieters with a BMI 28 - 40 with more than one stone to lose before they reach their healthy BMI 25.  However we suggest that clients above 17st, BMI 40+, all men, taller ladies than 5'8" (1.73m) and those with labour intense jobs consider using five VLCD Total Meal Replacement products each day plus their vegetable/salad allowance.
  2. It is suggested for those with a BMI 40+ or above 17 Stone our 1000 calorie New You Plan may be an easier and more successful weight loss option to follow as their initial plan.  Weight loss will still be significant as more calories are required in the early stage and this plan will also allow gradual control and reduction in calories, promote healthy eating and regular mealtimes, reduce snacking whilst still providing a successful weight loss when calorie requirement is higher. Moving down to our Rapid Burn Plan can then be considered as your weight and BMI reduce and we suggest a one/ two week settling period using our Social Plan is followed before final stepping down to our Rapid burn Plan.
  3. A preparation phase is recommended, following our Social Plan for one/two weeks prior to starting a VLCD and is considered prudent.
  4. The KeeDiet® comply with guidelines introduced by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence)
  5. We advise that you should visit your Doctor every four weeks to request a blood pressure and health check.
  6. A mild Ketogenic condition can be achieved following this plan and you may experience some Common side effects  in the early stages of this diet plan.  These may include headaches and fatigue etc.  If symptoms persist or you feel concerned, you should stop the diet and immediately seek medical advice.
  7. For your safety, alcohol should not be consumed whilst following a weight loss plan which is sufficiently low in calories, restricts sugar and carbohydrates so that a mild Ketogenic condition may be promoted.  When in Ketosis, consuming alcohol may be dangerous and in extreme cases may even cause death or long term health conditions  If intending to drink alcohol it is advised that you stop a Ketogenic Diet, we suggest you follow a healthy eating plan at least 48 hours prior to drinking alcohol.