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KeeDiet VLCD Total Shakes come in 9 delicious flavoursKeeDiet ® VLCD Total products are our Meal Replacement products, fulfilling both the Regulatory and EU Medically recommended minimum requirement for a quality weight loss product. Suitable for vegetarians and offering a full spectrum of nutrients with a minimum of 25% RDA (RI) of vitamins & minerals each  See below for more information......

Our Lifestyle products are a perfect addition to a Low Carboydrate lifestyle weight loss plan and make weight management much easier. Their Low Carbohydrate, High Protein content make them an ideal option to aid weight loss and weight management.....

......Don't miss out on these little gems !!  Ketosis friendly and exceptionally low in calories and carboydrates, they pack a huge punch with their higher protein content to satisfy your hunger. An ideal choice for an extra product on your KeeDiet Plan or even consider swapping one of your daily VLCD Total Mealpacks for one of these gems and triple your choice of flavours and products.  Read more below.......

Our Product Specification List in PDF format - Here is a handy list of information provided by our Manufactueres, to show which of our products are suitable for Vegetarians, Gluten Free, contain Aspartame etc 



VLCD Total Products 

Each KeeDiet® VLCD Total Mealpack are scientifically designed to be nutritionally complete & fulfil both the Regulatory and EU medically recommended minimum requirement to replace a daily meal.

The KeeDiet® offers you the widest range of nutritious weight loss products, specifically designed to use for VLCD & Ketogenic Weight loss.   We are committed to providing you with the finest quality products with no Monosodium Glutimate (MSG), Genetically Modified Ingredients (GM,GMO), artifical flavourings or colourings and are not to be beaten.

Our VLCD Total Range are created to provide a high protein, low calorie and low carbohydrate meal replacement for weight loss. Each VLCD Total Product provides you with 25% RDA (RI) of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients per serving.  Four VLCD Total foodpacks provide 100% Recommended Daily Allowance of vital vitamins & minerals, for the average person.  Men, taller ladies and those with a labour intense job are recommended to use 5 VLCD Total Mealpacks as a minimum.

Because they are so delicious, our VLCD Total range make an ideal healthy snack for all the family and perfect for helping to maintain after initial weight loss, by simply replacing just one daily meal or a conventional snack with one of our VLCD Total products you will help satisfy your hunger and help control your daily calorie intake.

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Our VLCD Meal Bars are developed to meet the needs of the "VLCD Dieter" to fill the gap and return some normaility to the most effective diet option available!  Unlike many of the unhealthy snacks that are often reached for when on the go, our VLCD bars include a healthy range of vitamins & minerals which is just short of the  25% RDA required to be classified as a full meal replacement, therefore two of TheKeeDiet® low calorie VLCD MealBars possess the minimum daily nutritional requirements to replace one meal.

However, as we suggest our VLCD MealBars are used as a convenient on the go snack for weight loss, if you are following our VLCD Plan or other KeeDiet weight loss plan, we recommend consuming just one daily bar only to replace a meal / snack and include a daily vitamin & mineral supplement alongside to cover the small shortfall of nutrients.





What makes The KeeDiet® products Outstanding!




High Protein Products & Nutrisaveur Meals

Our High Protein Products are ideal for a low carbohydrate or calorie controlled weight loss programme and a perfect weight management product for a healthier lifestyle.  If wishing to use one* of our High Protein products our Ketogenic Ready Meal/Soup on our Rapid Burn Plan, you must include a Vitamin & Mineral supplement to cover the shortfall of nutrients.

These products do not contain the full range of vitamins and minerals to be classified as a full meal replacement product, but are an extremely innovative high biological value protein weight loss supplement and weight management range, scientifically designed to offer lower calories, lower carbohydrates & a higher protein content to ensure hunger is satisfied.  With approximately 18g of premium protein to satisfy your hunger and the lowest calorie & carbohydrate products available they are are great choice for all.

Our Nutrisaveur Ready Meals/Soups range offer both a Ketogenic Ready Meal and a Weight Control Ready Meal selection. The Ketogenic Ready Meals are Keto Active, which means they are designed for our Rapid Burn Plan (a VLCD or Ketogenic weight loss plan) as their protein is sufficiently high and carbohydrates and contents controlled to protect Ketosis.  The Nutrisaveur Control Ready Meals are ideal for all other plans Social, New You and Lifestyle and will provide an easy option for a healthy ready meal, packed with vitamins & minerals and premium protein to satisfy your hunger whilst controlling your carbohydrates, fats and calories for weight loss and weight management.

In fact the whole family can enjoy our HIgh Protein products as a healthy snack, with our delicious Puffs, Bars, Tetra Briks and bottled Smoothies, they provide a healthy snack for anyone's lunch box.

*We recommend a maximum of only one VLCD Total Mealpacks product can be swapped for one High Protein product each day

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Some days on a VLCD may be more difficult than others, if struggling on such a day the High Protein sachets are excellent when used as an extra product. Add a High Protein soup, dessert, hot meal or gourmet puffs to your VLCD day. Due to their extremely low carbohydrate & sugar content, their low fat and low calories, Ketosis is not affected.



For our clients discretion, all KeeDiet delivery parcels are unbranded with no advertisement.
You may choose to purchase your products from our cost cutting Bundles or independent products from our online store.
For Health & Safety reasons restrictions apply to any food returns, please fully read our terms and conditions of sale. 
For this reason we suggest that all clients sample flavours and products before purchasing large quantities.