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New You Plan Details

 New You Plan Bundle Buy Options
1 Week   (14) Bundle  - just £1.30 each - £18.62 Earn 36p in Loyalty Points
2 Weeks (28) Bundle  - just £1.22 each - £34.72 Earn 68p in Loyalty Points
4 Weeks (56) Bundle  - just £1.20 each - £68.32 Earn £1.36 in Loyalty Points


The KeeDiet New You Plan is a flexible, low calorie, low carbohydrate weight loss plan, providing approximately 1000 daily calories. Easy to follow and ideal for those wishing to mix meal replacement products with conventional healthy meals and foods.

Simply consume two mealpacks daily, one for breakfast, the other as a healthy snack. Add two daily meals, enjoy a light lunch and evening meal created using our Menu boxes below, plus fruit snacks.

As our products are loaded with premium protein, but register a low carbohydrate and sugar content you will notice on the New You Plan you are not hungry and your cravings are controlled, allowing you to concentrate on your weight loss. With our easy to follow food guidance and designated meal portions, there is no need to count calories or continually weigh foods.  

-   Suitable for 18 years +
-   Weight Loss Plan with Meal Replacements
-   Learn healthy eating tips and portion control






VLCD Total Chocolate Shake - Delicious and Chocolately




New You Plan - Daily Must Have...

Enjoy Regular Weight Loss with our flexible weight loss plan, whatever your lifestyle. Simply include two of our foodpacks alongside healthy meals and fruit snacks.

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Without change there would be no Butterflies......

PDF - Click to open and view the New You Plan Meal Guidance



  1. Each day replace breakfast with one of our nutritionally complete VLCD Total Mealpacks (Shake, Soups & Hot Meals) and use the other as a  healthy snack.
  2. Create a light lunch and main meal from our PDF Guidance above.
  3. Consume a minimum of 2.25 litres (4 pints) of water. This is extra to the water needed to mix Foodpacks. This may be tap, bottled, sparkling or soda water and is to be sipped little and often through your active day.
  4. Add 293ml of skimmed or soyal milk/ fat free alternative(130kcal/17g carbs)  
  5. Add approximately a 100 calorie portion of starch to one of your meals, from the selections provide on our PDF Guidance above.
  6. Also add approximately 100kcal of fruit from our Guidance PDF above.

You may follow this plan until you have reached your optimum weight or BMI 20 as a minimum. Although specifically designed as a controlled weight loss plan that is low in calories and carbohydrates our New You Diet Plan is also ideally suited for weight stabilisation after following our Rapid Burn & Social Plan to gradually increase calories and slowly reintroduce conventional foods for successful weight management.

Two of our VLCD Total Shakes, Soups, Hot Meals provide 50% RDA of your daily essential vitamins & minerals, simply then include a varied selection of conventional permitted foods below.  We suggest you also include a daily vitamin & mineral to ensure you receive the remaining 100% RDA as this is the minimum recommended.  Further nutritional supplement is considered prudent whilst dieting.

* Menu's are offered as food guidance, showing low gi/gl food selections and suitable meal portions




New You Plan - Can Have...... You may consider these as optional extra's. Adding any or all of these items listed below should not interfere with your weight loss.
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  • We recommend you add a daily vitamin & mineral supplement to ensure you receive 100% RDA. Four of our VLCD Total Mealpacks provide 100% RDA of your daily essential vitamins & minerals, two of our foodpacks provide 50% RDA.  The remaining 50% RDA should be provided from your selection of permitted foods, but this is not guaranteed.  

  • For a higher calorie plan and stepping up weight stabilisation you may add extra milk to your plan and mix shakes with skimmed or soya milk.

  • You may in moderation add black tea, coffee or herbal leaf tea (these are not included as your water requirement)

  • You may use sweeteners.

  • You may sip extra water through your day and as required.

  • You may use limited sugar free water flavouring / squash and carbonated sugar free drinks
  • You may exchange one VLCD Total Mealpack for either one of the following.  A VLCD/HP Bar, a HP Slimmer's Product or one Ketogenic / Control Nutrisaveur Ready Meal.  Any exchange should be alongside a daily vitamin & mineral supplement to cover the shortfall of nutrients.

  • You may add three times weekly 1tlbs of nuts/seeds or add a little nut/seed oil  to your permitted salad/vegetables.  A little extra healthy oils are good to ensure healthy skin, hair and nails. 

  • You may add a little fat free (0-1%) dressing, dried or fresh herbs and spices to products or permitted vegetables/salad. 



Responsible Slimming ..... Continued good health is important whilst slimming. Before purchasing or following this plan we recommend all client confirm this plan is suitable to follow with their Doctor, even though a low calorie diet, the carbohydrate's and sugars are controlled. This is particularly important with any person with a BMI 40+ (17 Stone), with a medical condition, or using any prescribed medication.

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  1. The New You Plan is ideal for most dieters with a BMI above 20.  However we do suggest as a minimum once a BMI 22 has been achieved, increasing your calories and exercise for weight stabilisation is beneficial for long term weight management and offer our Lifestyle Plan for healthy eating tips.
  2. The KeeDiet® comply with guidelines introduced by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence)
  3. We advise that you should visit your Doctor every four weeks to request a blood pressure and health check.
  4. If at any time you feel unwell with this weight loss plan and symptoms persist or you feel concerned, you should stop the diet and immediately seek medical advice.
  5. We recommend that no alcohol is included in this weight loss plan.  Alcohol is wasted calories and offers no nutrtional benefits.

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