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LifeStyle Plan


Our Lifestyle Plans are more of a healthy lifestyle approach & guide to weight management



This guidance is aimed at those who have reached their optimum weight using our Rapid Burn, Social or New You Diet Plan.  Once you have followed any one of these plans for weight loss, we suggest you step up for a minimum of one week to the next phase to begin weight stabilisation and weight management.  

The Kee Lifestyle Plans are also suitable weight loss plans and provide a gentle weight loss.  Ideal for those unable to follow a lower calorie / VLCD weight loss plan or as an initial phases of preparation for a LCD/VLCD.  If wishing to follow either of our Lifestyle Plans for weight loss or to prepare for a lower calorie diet with a BMI 40+, a health condition or are taking prescribed medication you MUST discuss your chosen weight loss plan with your Doctor, further information is below.

Step One - Rapid Burn Plan - Approx 600kcal

Step Two - Social Plan - Approx 800kcal

Step Three - New You Plan - Approx 1000kcal

Step Four - Lifestyle Plan - 1200 - 2500kcal


Example of a client who completed the Rapid Burn VLCD Plan

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You followed our Rapid Burn Plan for 12 weeks and lost an Amazing 3 Stone and reached your target (Well Done!). Your BMI is now a healthy 25 and you need to increase your calories starting a weight stabilisation phase......  

Check out the Social Plan, it's a 800 daily calorie weight loss plan that is low calorie/low carbohydrates and an excellent first stabilisation phase for you.  Use this plan for a minimum of one week or more if you wish to drop a little extra weight.  The Social Plan will introduce a set meal with conventional foods and increase your intake to 800 daily calories. Increasing your calories to above 800 follows the directive set down by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) for safe dieting.  You should still lose weight on this plan but are moving closer to conventional foods.

As you wanted to drop a little extra weight, you decided to follow the Social Plan for 4 weeks and are now 8lb lighter (Brilliant!). You are happy to remain at this weight and now wish to move on to the next phase of weight stabilisation, increasing your calories and foods to return to conventional eating............

Check out our New You Diet Plan, its a 1000 daily calorie weight loss plan, which controls calories and carbohydrates and an excellent second stabilisation phase for you.  Use this plan as above for a minimum of one week or until you feel confident and in control to move up to weight management. This phase is particularly important as you will reintroduce fruit, starches and enjoy two daily meals whilst decreasing the need for meal replacement products.  As you are no longer covered by the umbrella of Ketosis, normal hunger will return. Following this plan you should learn to identify real hunger from emotional hunger.  Your appetite will have decreased naturally over the course of your weight loss phase, giving you the ideal opportunity to learn good portion sizes and healthy food choices with a low glycemic load.  

You followed the New You Diet Plan for two weeks and lost a further 3lb (Wow !). It is now time to move from weight stabilisation to weight management. You have already used the BMR Calculator below and know you can personally consume 1850 calories daily to maintain this weight.  This is your weight management figure.  Your target now is to slowly increase your calories using our guidance download below to reach this figure so you neither lose weight or gain weight.



Using our Lifestyle Plan for Weight Management

Our aim here is to provide you with the information to create a new healthy eating lifestyle for yourself, gently increasing your daily calories from 1000 with healthy foods, until your weight stabilises and you neither lose or gain weight.  Depending on your age, gender, health and activity level, you are required to consume between 1,500 - 2,500 calories each day to maintain your new slimmer figure.  It may be prudent to work on the idea of consuming a few calories less each day than is indicated by your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), to save calories for weekends, special occasions and inacurate weighing of foods. 

Your Basal Metabolic Rate is the number of calories required each day to keep your body functioning at rest, also known as your metabolism and is relative to body mass, age, weight and height. It is also affected by your gender; as it widely regarded that men need more calories than women.  Below is a calculator provided by Diabetes UK to make this calculation easier.  Once you have located your personal BMR figure for your new slim weight, simply multiply it using the Harris Benedict method show for your level of activity and this is the calorie intake you need to work towards for weight management.  This sounds technical, but is actually quite simple using the  link below.

    Click the image to workout your personal BMR Figure



Reached your Target Weight, now maintain it !

Before you start this new part of your journey, it's important to understand the way a Ketogenic diet works in respect of weight loss and weight gain and the role glycogen plays in this process.  Once you have followed a VLCD Ketogenic diet or a low carbohydrate, low sugar diet you will soon come to realise how Amazing they are. Fast weight loss results, noticeable changes to your silhouette due to targeted fat loss, suppressed appetite, a feeling of euphoria and well-being plus a regular weekly weight loss. 

When it comes to beginning the next phase to stabilise and maintain your new lower weight, it is quite common for people to panic and be fearful of gaining weight.  Remember, it is quite natural to gain a few pounds when reintroducing conventional foods and hopefully by our reading our What is Ketosis page we will show you there is nothing to fear.  Plus grasping this process you will understand why weight is gained and can avoid it!

Click here to Download or View Kee Lifestyle Guidance

 If your unable to use our Plans as the first phase of your weight loss

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Unfortunately not all persons are suitable to use our weight loss plans, due to the decrease in calories, carbohydrates and sugars.  This may be due to a raised BMI, a medical condition or particular prescribed medication taken. But not all is lost, instead of using our products to replace a meal, you can use one or two of our VLCD Total meal replacements or HP Slimmer's products daily as healthy snacks, alongside other foods which will still make losing weight easier for you.  The High Protein in our products will satisfy your hunger whilst the low carbohydrate and sugar content will help control sweet cravings.  

If not suitable to follow one of our plans we suggest clients visit their Doctor who should provide them with a menu guidance, food allowances, support and health checks in the initial phase of weight loss.  If it is then appropriate and with your Doctors agreement you may then wish to select one of The KeeDiet® weight loss plans to continue reducing your weight. Our Lifestyle Plan guidance will hopefully offer you tips to help you drop weight, whilst consuming healthy conventional foods.