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10 Bar Bundle - Meal Replacement & High Protein


Choose from the products listed below:

VLCD/Meal Replacement Bars Max: 10

Single - Total MRP Chocolate Peanut Bar (V)
Single - Total MRP Almond & Pumpkin Seed Bar (V)
Single - VLCD DARK Choco Truffle MealBar (V)
Single - Total MRP White Choc Lemon Yog Bar (V)
Single - VLCD MILK Choco Truffle MealBar (V)

High Protein Bars Max: 10

Single - High Protein Chocolate Caramel Peanut Bar
Single High Protein Lemon Pie Crisp Bar
Single - High Protein Strawberry Crunch Bar
Single - High Protein Cranberry & Pomegranate (V)
Single - High Protein Chocolate Crunch Bar
Single - High Protein Coconut Crisp Bar


Discounted KeeDiet Bar Bundle

The ideal Bundle to mix up bars ....... Select 10 of your favourites here,

Select 10 of your favourites here, either from our nutritious VLCD MealBars,delicious & satisfying HP Lifestyle Bars.  If you want more...simply just visit our online store to add extra's or duplicate your order.

Add this bundle to The KeeDiet® Stock-Up Bundles, if your a taller lady or man you can add a bar as your 5th product to complete your Plan.  Perfect handbag or lunch box addition, use whilst on the go and travelling around, and feel secure that you are staying on track with your weight loss, keeping calories low and controlling your carb cravings. Not only are they super convenient, they taste delicious and provide a great sense of satisfaction when hungry as packed with premium protein and curb those sweet cravings as sufficiently low in carbohydrates.

Developed for The KeeDiet® with the highest quality proteins and ingredients. You'll also be glad to know they contain no Monosodium Glutimate (MSG), Genetically Modified Ingredients (GM, GMO) or artificial flavourings or colourings and are *suitable for vegetarians (*peanut caramel is our only bar not suitable for vegetarians)

Note:  To view individual products nutritional & allergen details visit the individual product using the link below.  Our Bars products are not individually labelled with nutritional & mixing details as generally sold in boxes, however details are available on the individual product listing via our website Online Store

   Simply select '10' products

   If using as one of your daily products include a vitamin supplement

    KeeDiet® Plans allow a maximum of one daily MealBar

   Earn 40p in Loyalty Points (Final Cost £13.60)

VAT included

Following a KeeDiet® Plans provides a wonderful opportunity to step away from conventional foods for an accelerated weight loss experience and reduces the strain of continuously preparing, shopping, weighing and counting food calories that most other diets require. Instead our plans allow you time to relax and lose weight regularly, whilst your body focuses on burning stored fat... FAST!

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