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Simple 5:2 KeeDiet (IF) 4 Week Plan


Choose from the products listed below:

Breakfast Max: 32

Single - VLCD Total Maple Syrup Pancake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Original Porridge (V)
Single - VLCD Total Apple Cinnamon Porridge (V) BBE 01/18

Shakes Max: 32

Single - VLCD Total Banana Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Cafe Latte Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Caramel Shake (V) BBE 01/18
Single - VLCD Total Chocolate Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Summer Berry Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Mint Chocolate Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Pina Colada Shake
Single - VLCD Total Strawberry Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Cookies 'n' Cream (V)
Single - VLCD Total Vanilla Shake (V)

Soups Max: 32

Single - VLCD Total Chicken Soup (V) - BBE 02/18
Single - VLCD Total Chick Curry Noodle Soup (V)
Single - VLCD Total Mushroom Soup (V) - BBE 02/18
Single - VLCD Total Tomato Soup (V) - BBE 02/18
Single - VLCD Total Fragrant Thai Soup (V) - BBE 02/18
Single - VLCD Total Vegetable Soup (V) - BBE 02/18

Meals Max: 8

Single - VLCD Total Cottage Pie Meal (V)
Single - VLCD Total Spaghetti Bolognese Meal (V)
Single - VLCD Total Vegetable Chilli Meal (V)
Single - VLCD Total Burger with Red Pepper & Onion (V)
Single - VLCD Total Pasta Carbonara Meal (V)

Bars Max: 8

Single - *NEW* Total Almond & Pumpkin Seed Bar (V)
Single - VLCD Total Chocolate Peanut Bar (V)
Single - VLCD Lemon & Yoghurt MealBar (V)
Single - VLCD MILK Choco Truffle MealBar (V)
Single - VLCD Honey Nougat MealBar (V)
Single - VLCD Almond & Maple MealBar (V)
Single - VLCD DARK Choco Truffle MealBar (V)


Intermittent Fasting (IF)... Based on the work of leading scientists from around the world, this is an exciting new alternative to standard dieting.

If we were asked to quickly sum up the Intermittent 5:2 Fasting Diet for weight loss.... both women and men would simply eat healthy foods for five days of the week and for two non-consecutive days would reduce calorie intake to around 600 calories. 

It really is that simple!  


The KeeDiet® simplify this well-known weight loss and weight management plan even further, by suggesting on your 2 Fasting Days both women & men consume four Total VLCD Mealpack products each day.

Adopting this simple system will provide you with the required 600 calories, each fasting day you have four occasions to eat, which will help keep your metabolism working; high protein / low carbohydrate content KeeDiet® Mealpacks that will help control hunger pangs, cravings and allow you to enter fat burning.  

It is the most simplest way to follow the 5:2 Diet and ensures you receive 100% RDA of required nutrients on your Fasting Days for continued good health.  Select 32 products from those provided to follow a 4 Week 5:2 Intermittent Fasting Diet and for further information on how to follow the link below

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