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100 Meal Replacement Stock-Up Bundle

£140.00  £119.00
Save: 15% off

Choose from the products listed below:

Breakfasts & Desserts Max: 100

Single - VLCD Total Original Porridge (V)
Single - VLCD Total Apple Cinnamon Porridge (V)
Single - VLCD Total Maple Syrup Pancake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Chocolate Sponge Pudding (V)

Shakes Max: 100

Single - VLCD Total Chocolate Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Pina Colada Shake
Single - VLCD Total Summer Berry Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Mint Chocolate Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Caramel Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Cookies 'n' Cream (V)
Single - VLCD Total Cafe Latte Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Banana Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Vanilla Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Chocolate Orange Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Strawberry Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Mango, Passion Fruit Shake (V)

Soups Max: 100

Single - VLCD Total Vegetable Soup (V)
Single - VLCD Total Chicken Soup (V)
Single - VLCD Total Fragrant Thai Soup (V)
Single - VLCD Total Chick Curry Noodle Soup (V)

Meals Max: 100

Single - VLCD Total Cottage Pie Meal (V)
Single - VLCD Total Spaghetti Bolognese Meal (V)
Single - VLCD Total Pasta Carbonara Meal (V)
Single - VLCD Total Vegetable Chilli Meal (V)
Single - VLCD Total Burger, Red Pepper & Onion (V)
Single - VLCD Total Roast Chicken Noodles Meal (V)
Single - VLCD Total Chilli Beef Noodles Meal (V)


Meal Packs Only - 15% Discount... plus earn Loyalty Points

To add Bars, choose a cost effective Bar Bundle or select individual bars.

At The KeeDiet® we provide you with the PERFECT weight loss solution. Our Stock Bundles are designed to allow you to add extra products to our plans, introduce great weight loss products to a calorie controlled diet or use for weight management.

Choose our delicious and nutritious VLCD Full Meal Replacement (MRP) products with essential vitamins and minerals added, offering an amazing weight loss opportunity to replace conventional foods and results - Amazing variety & flavour! 

KeeDiet Plans are easy to follow, providing a quick & efficient route to getting rid of excess weight ....Fast !!

   Simply select any '100' products for £1.19 each

   Request any plan information in the Checkout comment box

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Following a KeeDiet® Plan provides a wonderful opportunity to step away from conventional foods for an accelerated weight loss experience and reduces the strain of continuously preparing, shopping, weighing and counting food calories that most other diets require. Instead our plans allow you time to relax and lose weight regularly, whilst your body focuses on burning stored fat... FAST!

The KeeDiet® Stock-up Bundle is an opportunity to refill your cupboard, or a cost cutting way to follow a KeeDiet® Plan. MealBars are not included in this offer, but you can purchase these separately from our Online Store (VLCD Bars)

No VAT applicable

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