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1 Week - New You Plan (14) Bundle


Choose from the products listed below:

Breakfasts & Desserts Max: 14

Single - VLCD Total Original Porridge (V)
Single - VLCD Total Apple Cinnamon Porridge (V)
Single - VLCD Total Maple Syrup Pancake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Chocolate Sponge Pudding (V)

Shakes Max: 14

Single - VLCD Total Banana Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Cafe Latte Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Caramel Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Chocolate Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Summer Berry Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Pina Colada Shake
Single - VLCD Total Mint Chocolate Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Strawberry Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Vanilla Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Cookies 'n' Cream (V)
Single - VLCD Total Mango, Passion Fruit Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Chocolate Orange Shake (V)

Soups Max: 14

Single - VLCD Total Chicken Soup (V)
Single - VLCD Total Chick Curry Noodle Soup (V)
Single - VLCD Total Fragrant Thai Soup (V)
Single - VLCD Total Vegetable Soup (V)

Meals Max: 7

Single - VLCD Total Cottage Pie Meal (V)
Single - VLCD Total Spaghetti Bolognese Meal (V)
Single - VLCD Total Vegetable Chilli Meal (V)
Single - VLCD Total Burger, Red Pepper & Onion (V)
Single - VLCD Total Pasta Carbonara Meal (V)
Single - VLCD Total Roast Chicken Noodles Meal (V)
Single - VLCD Total Chilli Beef Noodles Meal (V)

Bars Max: 7

Single - Total MRP Chocolate Peanut Bar (V)
Single - Total MRP Almond & Pumpkin Seed Bar (V)
Single - Total MRP MILK Choco Truffle MealBar 56g (V)
Single - Total MRP DARK Choco Truffle MealBar 56g (V)



The KeeDiet® New You Plan is an exciting flexible, low calorie, low carbohydrate weight loss plan, providing approximately 1000 daily calories. Easy to follow and perfect for those with a busy lifestyle. Simply mix the convenience of meal replacement products with conventional healthy foods

Enjoy the ease of having two hunger satisfying daily mealpacks, use one for a KeeDiet breakfast, the other as a healthy snack. Add two healthy daily meals,  a light lunch and evening meal created using the listed permitted foods provided on our plan information, plus add fruit snacks.

As our products are loaded with premium protein, but register a low carbohydrate and sugar content you will notice on the New You Plan you are not hungry and your sugar and carb cravings are controlled, allowing you to concentrate on your weight loss. With our easy to follow food guidance and designated meal portions, there is no need to count calories or continually weigh foods.  Our New You Diet Plan takes the strain out of weight loss. 


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Create your 1 Week New You Diet Plan Box

   Earn Loyalty Points

   Includes Shakes, Soups, Meals & Bars

   Simply select '14' individual products

   You may select up to 7 MealBars

   Specific Plan information and Mixing Instructions are included

   Use for gentle weight loss & weight stabilisation/maintenance