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2 Weeks - VLCD Rapid Burn (56) Bundle


Choose from the products listed below:

Breakfast Max: 56

Single - VLCD Total Maple Syrup Pancake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Apple Cinnamon Porridge (V)
Single - VLCD Total Original Porridge (V)

Shakes Max: 56

Single - VLCD Total Banana Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Cafe Latte Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Caramel Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Summer Berry Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Mint Chocolate Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Pina Colada Shake
Single - VLCD Total Strawberry Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Vanilla Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Cookies 'n' Cream (V)
Single - VLCD Total Chocolate Shake (V)

Soups Max: 56

Single - VLCD Total Chicken Soup (V)
Single - VLCD Total Chick Curry Noodle Soup (V)
Single - VLCD Total Mushroom Soup (V) - BBE 02/18
Single - VLCD Total Fragrant Thai Soup (V) - BBE 02/18
Single - VLCD Total Tomato Soup (V) - BBE 02/18
Single - VLCD Total Vegetable Soup (V)

Meals Max: 14

Single - VLCD Total Vegetable Chilli Meal (V)
Single - VLCD Total Cottage Pie Meal (V)
Single - VLCD Total Spaghetti Bolognese Meal (V)
Single - VLCD Total Pasta Carbonara Meal (V)
Single - VLCD Total Burger with Red Pepper & Onion (V)

Bars Max: 14

Single - VLCD Total Chocolate Peanut Bar (V)
Single - VLCD Lemon & Yoghurt MealBar (V)
Single - VLCD DARK Choco Truffle MealBar (V)
Single - VLCD Almond & Maple MealBar (V)
Single - VLCD MILK Choco Truffle MealBar (V)
Single - VLCD Total Almond & Pumpkin Seed Bar (V)


Final Cost Just £32.80 per week - £1.20 per product

RRP £79.66 - Save up to £16.24  VAT inclusive

The KeeDiet Rapid Burn Plan provides the perfect diet for those who want to keep it simple, whilst experiencing a Rapid weight loss! 

With our Rapid Burn Plan there is no need for you to cook, weigh or even count calories. Simply consume *four of our VLCD Total Mealpacks daily, include a little skimmed or soya milk alongside 50-80 calories of vegetables or salad.

Following this very low calorie diet (VLCD) plan provides a wonderful opportunity to step away from conventional foods to focus on fat burning and weight loss.  Not only will you experience a Rapid weight loss by consuming 600 - 800 calories daily, but you will also feel well-nourished as four of our Total VLCD Mealpacks contain 100% RDA of your essential vitamins & minerals.

*Men, ladies above 5ft 8' / 1.73m and those with a labour intense job are recommend to consume five daily products, simply select your fifth daily product (per week 7 products) from our Online Store, as an extra item to this bundle.

 Click here for full plan Information

Create your 2 Week VLCD Rapid Burn Plan Diet Box

   £68.32 and earn £1.36 in Loyalty Points

   Final Cost £32.80 per week & just £1.20 per product

   Simply select '56' individual products

   You may select up to 14 MealBars

   Specific Plan information and Mixing Instructions are included

   Expected weight loss 14lb per month

RRP £84.56 - Possibly Save up to £16.24

On shopping example.....

Porridge x 14 

Hot Meal x 28

Snack Bars x 14