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New Client Sample Bundle


Choose from the products listed below:

Breakfast Max: 10

Single - VLCD Total Maple Syrup Pancake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Apple Cinnamon Porridge (V)
Single - VLCD Total Original Porridge (V)

Shakes Max: 10

Single - VLCD Total Cafe Latte Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Mint Chocolate Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Caramel Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Banana Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Pina Colada Shake
Single - VLCD Total Strawberry Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Chocolate Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Summer Berry Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Vanilla Shake (V)
Single - VLCD Total Cookies 'n' Cream (V)

Soups Max: 10

Single - VLCD Total Vegetable Soup (V)
Single - VLCD Total Fragrant Thai Soup (V) - BBE 02/18
Single - VLCD Total Mushroom Soup (V) - BBE 02/18
Single - VLCD Total Chick Curry Noodle Soup (V)
Single - VLCD Total Tomato Soup (V) - BBE 02/18
Single - VLCD Total Chicken Soup (V)

Hot Meals Max: 3

Single - VLCD Total Spaghetti Bolognese Meal (V)
Single - VLCD Total Vegetable Chilli Meal (V)
Single - VLCD Total Cottage Pie Meal (V)
Single - VLCD Total Pasta Carbonara Meal (V)
Single - VLCD Total Burger with Red Pepper & Onion (V)

Bars Max: 3

Single - VLCD DARK Choco Truffle MealBar (V)
Single - VLCD Lemon & Yoghurt MealBar (V)
Single - VLCD Total Chocolate Peanut Bar (V)
Single - VLCD Almond & Maple MealBar (V)
Single - VLCD MILK Choco Truffle MealBar (V)
Single - VLCD Total Almond & Pumpkin Seed Bar (V)


Just 65p each for 10 Shakes, Soups, Meals & Bars..


With our huge flavour and product range and competitive pricing, plus the fact that our products really work, we have already become the choice of thousands and are regularly recommended to friends and family. New clients often tell us that they have switiched from other more expensive advertised diet plans and are so pleased they did.

We offer here the opportunity to sample our products at a very exclusive price.  Due to the hugely discounted price our Sample Bundle is available to NEW CLIENTS ONLY on their FIRST ORDER and provides a great opportunity for new visitors to sample ten of our delicious meal replacement products at a very reduced price. ONLY ONE SAMPLE BUNDLE IS PERMITTED per person/address and our system is set to cancel and process a refund of any excess new client bundle orders if it does not adhere to the restrictions below.

Our system will send you an automated email advising you of any change to your order, cancellation or refund notice and you may also track your order in your  "My Account" area.  If you wish to cancel your complete order at this time please advise us as soon as possible and before dispatchment.


 Purchase Restrictions Apply 

  • You may only purchase one Sample Bundle
  • Restricted to one purchase per client/household
  • Available to New Client's on a 1st order only


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