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What to Expect

If you were planning a holiday, to compete in a race, a special meal, or decorate a room at home - you would prepare.  Your weight reduction journey should be no different......

Once on your chosen plan and over the first few days you may experience some common side effects, headaches, fatigue and mood swings for example.  This is to be expected and natural due to your body "detoxing" from carbohydrates, sugars, additives, the reduction in carbohydrates and sugar you are consuming each day and your body changing it's source of energy fuel.
  Ensure you are drinking sufficient water evenly throughout the day, and if required take a headache remedy to ease the pressure. Go easy in the first few days, remember your available energy is falling and you will naturally feel fatigued with possible muscle weakness, plan to have a few quiet days until you are in Ketosis and well established on the plan.  

Most side effects should pass by the 4th day of your diet and things get easier but if unpleasant feelings persist, you may need to work down on to a VLCD or lower calorie plan using our higher plans as steps down, especially if your BMI is 40+ or your eating habits in the past have included a high volume of carbohydrates, sugar or caffine.  Not all persons are suited to a VLCD plan, this can be dependant on your lifestyle, preference your our present and past health history plus use of medication (see our medical guidance).  In any situation where you feel unwell or have unpleasant side effects for a period of time or are ever concerned, we would advise that you pause your selected plan, visit your doctor, discuss the problems experienced and follow their guidance provided.

Ketosis is a fat burning process that occurs when sugars and carbohydrates are reducedA HAPPY KEE DAY

Around the 4th day on a VLCD plan you should enter Ketosis - this day is to be desired and worked towards, from this day you are now using your bodies stored fat for the majority of your energy.  You may start to feel that you have an abundance of energy and are on top of the world, your appetite & cravings decrease, you feel healthier, less bloated and of course fat loss is accellerated (excess bodyfat is simply stored energy from previously overeating and surplus to your bodies requirements - burning it generally gives you a great feeling of well-being).

It is advised that a minimum of 4 weeks VLCD is required to change your eating habits, decrease your appetite, alter you taste buds and re-educate self control.  It is generally agreed that one month on a VLCD should bring around a 14lb (one stone) weight loss for most persons, some may lose a little less and some lose more. Once at your Target Weight it is worth remembering that the only way you will replace your 'burned fat'  is to again consume more calories than your body requires and uses (refer to a BMR Calculator).  Regain weight by consuming to many calories applies to any weight loss plan and a VLCD plan is no different, it really doesnt matter how fast you drop weight.   After any lower calorie / carb weight loss plan it is important that you follow steps up to increase your foods and calories and finally adopt a healthy eating regime and hopefully introduce exercise to keep the shape and size you have achieved. 

With your new shape you will have the motivation & realise just how easy it can be to maintain....

If you have chosen to follow a VLCD Plan and are using our meal replacements use the time to reflect, this time is golden and you can learn so much about yourself (Visit our Motivation & Behaviour Page) .Re-think how much you ate in the past, what you ate, how dealt with your stress, boredom and lifes changes. Using our meal replacements really takes the focus off food and allows you to take a step back, it is a great opportunity to re-train yourself, get quick results, and take a break from the fatty, high carbohydrate, high sugar foods on the market today and even those low calorie meals that fill the supermarket shelves, but generally do not satisfy our hunger due to the higher carbs or too low protein composition.

During your VLCD weight loss phase you will make some life changing decisions, and with the help of the Kee Plan higher calorie plans realise how to maintain your new body shape and lower weight.  Increase your activity level, choose low carb / low gi/gl foods most of the time and you can.......................

Wave farewell to Yo-Yo dieting for ever and maintain your new lower weight with new eating healthy habits, decreased appetite, fresh taste buds and a new approach to eating for a Lighter Life.