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Vicky's Weight Loss Success with The KeeDiet®...

I have now reached my 'Happy Weight' 10st 2lb !!

  • Start Weight: 13st 7lb
  • End Weight: 10st 2lb
  • Weight Lost: 3st 5lb

Please be advised, weight loss results may vary from person to person

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Thanks Kee, I'm no longer the slim girl trapped in a big girls body :)
Hello, I started my 'MiniMe' mission when I decided it was time to shift the pounds that I had gained whilst working in an office environment for 3 years.
I weighed 13st 7lbs in the first pic you see. I was so unhappy, it was the heaviest I had ever been. At 5ft 6in I was obese! I'd had enough. I browsed the web for ideas to shift the weight and found some very high priced VLCD's and could not afford them. I came across Kee, which was reasonable priced and thought i'd give it a go! I bought a weeks sample box and when it came I stuck to it religiously. I was hungry at first but I was determined. After a few days the hunger wasn't effecting me any more and knowing what I wanted to do encouraged me to continue.
In my first week I lost more than expected and I was so happy with myself! I got back on the web and ordered myself a months supply. With Kee always having deals and special offers and new products arriving I found it very affordable and exciting. At times I found it difficult at work as they liked to eat take out all the time, but I was never tempted to join in, my hard work and change in shape kept me going. After 3 months I had managed to get to a healthy weight. The after picture is me at that weight.
I am so much more confident and have loads more energy that I have started back at the gym and am now weight training to tone myself up. Through the 3 months I was dieting people were complimenting me and was amazed at how well I was doing which only motivated me more. I am now considering dropping another 7lbs which will take me back to the weight I used to be before I piled it on!
Vicky xxxxxx


Sarah's Success with The KeeDiet®...

After a terrible accident and a giving birth to lovely baby, Sarah finally took control of her weight.

  • Weight Lost: 2st 

Please be aware, weight loss results may vary from person to person

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Sarah Total Weight 2st (28lb)




Thanks for making my weight loss so easy

           Sarah xx





I broke my back in 1996 when I was attacked which redirected my career as horse trainer to a clothing designer and restricted my exercise, now thankfully healed and life goes on. Always outside walking and riding, I am quite active but know my limits and manage my pain with limited need for pain killers....

Anyways, had a baby last Christmas Eve, and she is an absolute blessing. Pushing was not an option, so elected c-section with 6 weeks house rest. As the snow was so bad that was the way I started 2010. I was due to go back to work in Feb as couldn't afford to be off for too long, unfortunately doctors and bust 
stitches determined otherwise! Then in March when I was meant to return..... I was made redundant, no biggy, they paid me off and we are still friendly. 

I then decided to start my own business,(
YummyBums). I had made all my daughters nappies and decided to start a laundry service and sell my nappies. It was very stressful not having any idea when I'd be working again, and I started to gain weight. Be it baby weight, or lack of exercise or stress I don't know. I got to a whopping 16stone. I know this may not be as much as others on here, but this is my story. I was struggling with back pain and my scar was giving me jip, I didnt need a doctor to tell me to lose weight, so I stopped buying size 22, and stopped accepting my size. 

In September I looked at my lifestyle and what I could take out, change etc. Well there wasn't much ! We were eating healthier because our baby was weaned,I got a part time job, so i couldn't do anymore walking. I found the The KeeDiet on ebay of all places and started making enquiries. I started at the beginning of October and 2 months later I reached my goal and I broke for christmas. 

Finally I am out of maternity clothes and feel great, my skin is clearer than ever and i feel full of energy. My plan is to keep on till my back is completley comfortable and weigh around 10stone, I don't weigh myself much, infact i avoid it! I am realistic and love how easy the Kee Diet is to follow. I have recommended it to my friends and everyone has noticed the weight loss. I am so happy with it I will keep on using it for lunches at work because they are so convenient. 

Thanks for making my losing weight so easy
Sarah xx

My Big Tip....Chop and change as you need to xx



Hennah's Success with The KeeDiet®.....

Successful the first time, Hennah returned to The KeeDiet to drop weight after creating her wonderful family

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Hennah's 2015 Weight Loss Pictures
 3st Weight Loss
13st 11lb - 10st 11lb
Please be aware weight loss results may differ from person to person
"Sounds corny but I have to admit that The KeeDiet has completely changed my life (twice) and the way I look at myself"
So I first came across The KeeDiet was in 2010, at that time I was overweight and had been trying to conceive for a number of years. I had huge success and lost 1st 9lbs and ultimately, finally was able to get pregnant.. Fast forward 5 years on and now the mother of two children I was again overweight, as having my children close together the weight just piled on.
Being 5'8" everybody would say you're fine, you're tall you can pull it off etc.. but deep down I knew that I wasn't getting any younger and the weight would just continue to pile on if I didn't do anything about it. So I finally decided to take the plunge and in February this year after seeing myself at my daughter's birthday and realised how big I had got and was scared my friends would ask me if I was pregnant again. I knew that enough was enough.
I rejoined KeeDiet, I took one day at a time and set myself realistic goals and found as the weeks went on I got more determined to reach my ideal weight. Initially I lost 2stones and felt amazing at my sisters engagement and in total I did KeeDiet for 8 weeks straight.  My starting weight was 13st 11lb and now I weigh just 10st 11lb.
I have been off the diet about 5 weeks now and happy to say I haven't put a single pound back on!  I have introduced the gym into my routine as well and hope to restart the diet and carry on loosing up to another stone as the weeks go on.
I have introduced The KeeDiet to quiet a few of my friends and feel proud that they are making those important changes in their lifestyle as I know how difficult it can be.   If I can I do it then anybody can!
Sounds corny but I have to admit that the KeeDiet has completely changed my life (twice) and the way I look at myself.


Greg's Success with The KeeDiet...

Greg stated he actually felt better than before going on the diet and a lost whopping 44lbs in Total.....

Please be aware, weight loss results may differ from person to person

Read Gregs Story here..


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My weight loss journey.....
After always being quite active physically and a Physical Training Instructor for many years I always took my weight for granted. That is until over a period of time I slowly stopped being able to exercise very often and kept eating the same food and drinking a few too many ciders!..............
So when my kids took this photo of me with an instant camera, I knew that it was time to do something about it. I weighed myself and was shocked to see that I was a rather hefty 93.9kg. 
Having heard about low carb diets before I did some research online and came across the The Keediet and read some of the great testimonials. I thought in for a penny in for a pound and ordered a months supply intending to go on their Rapid Burn VLCD Plan. I loved that there was a choice of more than one type of shake and also plenty of bars and meals too. I was expecting it to be nothing but tasteless shakes that would make me sick. KeeDiet have such a large range you won’t get bored with the choices!
So once it arrived I did my final weigh-in and began. After feeling hungry towards the end of the first day I persevered and it gets a lot easier after that first day. I also set a mini challenge with a friend so that we would encourage each other. It was then that I found the KeeDiet Facebook Secret Slimmer's Group which was a great help as it helped encourage me and you see that it works!  
And works it does, after my first weigh-in I had lost 8lbs (over half a stone) and actually felt better than before going on the diet. I didn’t have heartburn, indigestion or a bloated feeling that I’d had. This diminished over time too and I actually found it easier as time went on and was encouraged by my weight loss. By completing my first full phase I had lost 20lbs so nearly 1.5 stones. I could already see a big difference. Fast forward to just before christmas and I’d lost a whopping 44lbs in total just in time for christmas where I’ve taken a couple of weeks off dieting and maintaining instead.
I have been to a few social functions with friends over December and everyone has commented on my incredible transformation and wanted to know how i’ve managed it. I’ve of course passed on KeeDiets details :) and I expect you’ll be seeing a few more customers soon.
So if you’re wondering if this is for you and if it works. I can say YES it works. It’s great and a fast way to lose weight in a controlled way and know what your exit plan is when your ready to come off the diet to. There is enough choice that no matter how fussy you are there are options for you.
So don’t delay. Make the decision now and start working for that body you deserve.
Greg T x


Deborah's Success with The KeeDiet...

3 Stone weight loss & back to a Size 10

Please be aware, weight loss results may differ from person to person


Read Deborah's Story here..

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"Hi, Just wanted to say thank you because the KeeDiet has changed my life!  

Over 3 stone lost and I am still using Kee products"

I always used to be a 'Slim' Size 10, but after the stress of my final year at university, followed by having two children close together, weight crept on till I was a Size 14.
5 months ago I went to a party and the pic (on the right) was taken and it was the worst picture I've ever seen of myself!  It was actually a stretchy Size 12 dress but I looked enormous in that picture, my arms looked so big and I didn't recognise myself.  I decided to lose weight as quickly as possible using the Kee Rapid Burn Programme, with the first goal being slimmer for a fun weekend away with my friends a couple of months later. I ended up losing 2 and a half stone.
A friend had introduced me to the Kee Diet. She is a dietician and recommended it above all the other vlcd out there. The Kee products are great, the shakes in particular are delicious and I will still use them as breakfast when I'm goal weight as they are so tasty and filling! Being on the diet completely stopped my chocolate 'addiction' and I can now take it or leave it and can turn down unhealthy food without a second thought. It really changes your bad habits. 
Now I am a Healthy BMI, I have kept using Kee products alongside normal healthy eating and I have lost in total over 3 stone so far which I'm so happy with.   I know that in a few weeks I will hit my 4 stone target and be a slim size 8/10 for turning 30 - Best Birthday Present EVER !
Thanks Kee
Deborah x


Julie's Success with The KeeDiet..... 

  • Start Weight: 16st 3.5lb - Dress size: UK 18
  • End Weight: - 11st 11.5lb - Dress size: UK 12
  • Total Lost: 4st 6lb

Please be aware, weight loss results may differ from person to person

Read Julie's Story here

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10 years ago I was a fit and healthy bride who did her first half marathon to celebrate her 30th birthday. Since then I have had two children in quick succession and was then diagnosed with breast cancer when the youngest was just 1 years old. I had surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy over a year and almost died on more than one occasion.

My weight was the furthest thing from my mind (and everyone else’s). I was keen to nurture myself and in fact being heavy was somehow seen as a sign that all was well. I am now on hormonal treatments which have made it very difficult to lose weight by other methods, but with my 40th birthday now looming, I felt the cancer was far enough behind me for me to move on with my life and losing weight was a big step in this.

Initially I had a knee-jerk objection to what I saw as 'starving yourself' but this has obviously changed as I researched the diet, and now I wish I'd found KeeDiet sooner and would recommend it to anyone with a significant amount to lose. I am also impressed with the psychological changes that come through abstinence from food, even without formal counselling.

I have kept my own diary from Day 1 so can look back on my journey so far. My husband is thinking of doing KeeDiet as well, so that we can end together and move onto more sensible eating as a family.  My driving force is being a healthy, more attractive, active, confident person again and content with my appearance for my 40th birthday. Also to set a good example for my two beautiful children and to outwardly show that the cancer is behind me and my life is moving on..

Reached my Goal Size 12 - 11st 11.5lb

 I lost 4 stones 6.5lbs (which is the weight of my 7 year-old son!) and a whopping 42" (that's more than 3 feet!)!! My dress size has gone from an 18 to a comfortable 12. I can wear some clothes I had kept from slimmer days (including my wedding dress!) and have enjoyed buying some new ones too. My legs no longer chafe, there is no tidal wave when I get out of the bath and I can cut my toenails without having to be a contortionist! What can I say? - I am so glad I found this diet, in fact I wish I'd found it sooner, and I hope it has helped me to start a new relationship with food.

I had an amazing moment when I realised my BMI was NORMAL for the first time that I can remember! I can't wait to go back and tell my GP this good news! During the last couple of weeks I started on the Etiquette Plans, introducing protein meals more, like cooked chicken, beef or prawns with my veg or salad, and am really enjoying the taste of real food again! I have had a couple of (restrained!) roast dinners and even treated myself to an occasional bit of chocolate - and still managed to lose 3lbs somehow! I can see that quite soon I will be coming out of ketosis, but all the time I am feeling more confident about maintaining my healthy diet and weight, as I really do feel KeeDiet has taught me new habits. You learn so much from your temptations along the way.

Recent Update........Hi Kee Support, I am still doing OK and have managed to maintain my weight in the correct BMI range, I’ve put a few pounds on over Christmas and am at the upper end of my 'comfort zone' with my jeans feeling a little tighter than usual. However, the great thing is, with KeeDiet, I now feel confident that within a couple of weeks or so I can be back where I want to be and feeling great again! Whereas in years gone by, I wouldn't have dared go near the scales after Christmas, and would have gone on eating like a pig, feeling I had 'blown it' and telling myself I would never lose the weight, rather than compensating for any overindulgences by cutting back a bit. I now also realise that this is what most 'normal weight' people do anyway (having spent years believing it was 'bad to diet'!) 

And the great news is, instead of focusing too much on this, I can remind myself I am still more than 4 stones lighter than I was this time last year, and looking so much better! I hit 40 last year as you know, but people are telling me I finished the year looking years younger than I started it! - Not bad, long may this continue!!

Several people have also asked for details of Kee and I have happily obliged. I never thought I'd be a walking advert for a diet! - Julie x

Raluca's Success with The KeeDiet
From a Size 16-18 and to a sexy Size 10
Please be aware, weight loss results may differ from person to person
Read Raluca's Story here
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I apologise for my spelling mistakes if any, but English is not my first language. This is my story, it is hard to write it, when I look to my old pics I cannot believe how much I have changed and yes I am very proud of myself.   For first time in my life I know 100% I will never go back to the old ME!




My KeeDiet journey started a year and a half ago.  I always had problems with my weight, I did lots of diets, lost lots of weight but ended up putting it all back on.  I knew I was fat and I was unhappy and I thought I wouldn’t find a diet to suit me. 

One day, by accident, I found the KeeDiet.   At the begining I thought it is another diet who try to rip me off, one where you have to pay a fee to access the site, a membership fee for support, etc.  I hated this kind of diets, but after some research I decided to give a try and I was surprised when I saw the site is free to access, the forum was free, any advices was also free.

I did my first order and I was excited.  I was afraid the products would taste horrible, medicine like, but was surprised….. I absolutely loved them.  I read the booklet and my journey started.

I will never say it was easy, the first week was a hard, but I did not want to give up.  I struggled with the fact I had to drink much water, I had always hated water.  However now after a year and a half I love water. 

My first month I did the Rapid Burn Plan with 4 products each day, after that I took a different approach to the Diet.  I swapped to the Social Plan, having 3 KeeDiet products per day and a protein meal with veggies at tea time.

I learned lots from this diet, I realised if you want to be healthy you have to eat healthy and change your eating habits.  I had always loved sweets, now having KeeDiet Bars and Wafers I do not miss them at all.  I can be slim and healthy and have some nice treats to.  What else could you want ?

I lost 4 stones and I did not put anything back on.  When I started the diet I was 13stones and half,  now I am 9stones and 2lb.  From Size 16-18 and now I am a happy sexy Size 10.  I am healthy like I never been in long time.  I wanted to change my life not because I wanted to be skinny, I wanted to live longer and enjoy the life.

I know we all want fast results, but never forget, a chinese proverb say “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.  Enjoy the journey, try to learn something from it, stay focused and change your life style.  I am still using the KeeDiet products for weight management as they help keep me in shape and make it easy to control what I am eating.

Thanks for helping me and for all free support I had and I still have from you.

Raluca x





Julie's Weight Loss Success with The KeeDiet® 

Start Weight: 18st and a dress size UK 28 ...... Reached 13st and dress size 20 and still going strong.....

Please note, weight loss results may differ from person to person

Read Julie's Story here

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This is me now just a few weeks later..... Still a way to go, but I am getting there!


Hi all,  thought I would write a bit about my journey so far. I've been fat all my life, teased at school and home, called every name, but I tried not to let it get me down. Jolly Julie on the outside but a sad lonely individual on the inside.

Well this all changed for me last June. I met a lady I hadn't seen for a while and I didn't recognise her at first, then she
told me she had lost 5st 7lb doing a VLCD diet plan.
I can do this I thought, but as I live in the Canary Islands it
was looking imposssible, I tried everywhere to get products and eventually found you.  The KeeDiet has a great choice of products, something for everyone and I am looking forward to trying the new ones. 
I ordered my stuff straight away and have never looked back.
I have now lost a whopping 5 stone! 
I still have a way to go but I feel fab, I look good in my clothes and am happier than I have been for years.
I have found the KeeBee support from the support staff invaluable. Most of all I am looking forward to reaching
my goal and I know this time I will. 
I have even inspired an old friend and she orders from you now as well.  Love from Julie xx




Susie's Success with The KeeDiet 

Total Weight Lost 30kg - 4st 7lb

Please note, weight loss results may differ from person to person

Read Susie's Story here


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For the first time in my life I weigh the same as my contemporaries, and can ask to borrow their clothes – what a strange but delightful feeling!

This VLCD is definitely the only diet that has worked for me.

Thank you






Quite the easiest diet I have ever been on – VLCD Rules. All in all I have lost 30kg (4st 7lb) – and it was so straight forward. Four products a day, lots of water and good quality black coffee. One simple rule – don’t stray. As you have all your nutrients included in the products and supplement, you don’t need to touch a morsel of food and so can’t be tempted to have a snack, which grows into an over loaded plate.

It makes you realise you can survive without the large quantities of everyday meals. You realise you have the control not to devour huge bars of chocolate or tubs of ice cream while relaxing in front of the TV.  Structure helps and mine was: Porridge/Oatmeal for breakfast, Soup or Shake for lunch, a really welcome Bar and coffee at tea time, Soup, Shake or Hot Meal for supper.

Days trips out are really simple – take a thermos of hot water, a large insulated mug and an aerolatte style hand mixer and you can have soup anywhere you choose whether it be a car park, or over looking a beautiful lake. Air travel can involve long delays – take the packets and bars with you and buy several bottles of water (after security checks of course) – I’ve mixed shakes in a water bottle while being grounded on airport tarmac for four hours – the other passengers had no food - Ha!
Social events need some preplanning. I’ve asked restaurants in advance if they will mix the soup and serve this for me – not a problem. One Chef knew exactly what to do as his wife was on a similar VLCD too. Hotels have heated up the porridge – even in France! Best to warn friends that you don’t want any fuss, it is a short temporary diet and you don’t want to ruin it. And it is actually not that bad watching others eat, inside your halo is shining at your self determination and knowledge that you can’t fail to loose weight each week. Knowing that placed orders will arrive quickly is part of the effecient process of dieting with The KeeDiet. The list of foods and Diet Plan guidance to eat again once at your target weight is also very helpful to get back into regular.
For the first time in my life I weigh the same as my contemporaries, and can ask to borrow their clothes – what a strange but delightful feeling! This VLCD is definitely the only diet that has worked for me. Thank you



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Sarah's Success with The KeeDiet Start Weight: 18st - Dress size: UK 20 -Weeks Later - 13st - Dress Size: UK 12/14

 I have always been overweight, I have done Weight Watchers for as long as I can remember and been dieting for years, but I have gradually got fatter and fatter.  VLCD dieting ahs been the only successful diet for me as I can totally control my intake of food.  I decided to do something different when I turned 30 and I was a size 18/20 bordering on a Size 22 in some shops. 

I saw myself in my Birthday Photos and I was disgusted at how fat I was and how I looked to my friends and family, it really upset me, so I knew I had to do something about it.
I first discovered the VLCD diet when I started the *********** in February 2009 through weeks of research on the internet, I followed the plan with ease until it became too expensive for me to carry on. I wanted to continue with my weight loss and I discovered the Kee diet, it is so much cheaper and it could be ordered online which was a bonus as I was finding it difficult to go to my weekly weigh ins.

Weeks Later - 13st - Dress Size: UK 12/14

In total I have lost 5 stone, I was a size 10/12 on top and 14 on the bottom, it was fab going clothes shopping and seeing what clothes I could wear and where I could buy them from… I also had a size 20 dress that I had altered to a size 12 for the Annual Winter Ball at my workplace!

My start weight was 18 stone, I reached my lowest weight of 13 stone when I had to stop for health reasons and gained a little, but now that I have been given the all clear to continue on the Kee Diet I can continue on to reach your target weight 11stone.