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Box (5) - High Protein Bacon Tortilla Chips - £7.95


Introducing our Guilt Free smokey Bacon Flavoured Tortilla Chips.  Enjoy the full flavour of our delicious, crunchy Tortilla Chips whilst dropping weight.  


High in protein to satisfy your hunger, whilst sufficiently low in carbohydrates and fats not to compromise your weight loss. 


  5 Individual Ketosis Friendly Snack Packs

  Low Carb 5g & Protein Rich 14g
  Healthy Alternative to conventional Crisps
  117 Calories per serving
  No MSG, GM, artificial flavouring, colouring
  Perfect for:
  • An extra product on KeeDiet Plans
  • Calorie Counting Weight Loss Plans
  • Low Carb Lifestyle Diets
  • Long-Term Weight Management
  • Family Treat
  • Not Suitable for Vegetarians


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The ideal on the go snack compared to conventional crisps (Walkers approx: 17.1g carbohydrates / 2g Protein) our Tortilla Chips are the perfect product alongside our VLCD Rapid Burn Plan, plus other KeeDiet® plans as well.  An ideal choice for weight management, low carb & calorie counting dieters, plus a healthy snack for the whole family.

A delicious weight loss & weight maintainance aid & healthy snack for all the family......An effective weight reduction product when restricting daily calorie intake for weight loss.  A high Protein weight loss aid that has been scientifically designed to offer a low carbohydrate & high protein content to satisfy hunger and control sweet cravings. Use as part of a low carbohydrate lifestyle, weight management or even *exchange one of your VLCD Total Meal Replacement products on our KeeDiet plans (vitamin & mineral supplement then required)

These remarkable high protein snacks are a satisfying and innoative crisp alternative and a delicious healthy treat for all the family, with just 117 calories and 14g Protein.  Help your family to control their cravings, reduce sugar and high carbohydrate snacks, brilliant for lunch boxes, handy on-the-go snack pack and picnics.


Individual packets and ready to eat.

Individually foil wrapped handy High Protein Snacks with 14g of Protein and 5g of Carbs that will satisfy those hunger pangs and allow you to succesfully continue your weight loss regime. A healthy snack for all the family and a brilliant alternative to conventional Crisps and Snacks in lunch boxes and picnics.


Serving Size 1 - Servings Per Container 5

Calories 117kcal, Protein 14gTotal Carbohydrates 5g / of sugars 0.4g, Total Fat 3.7g / Saturated Fat 0.4g, Dietary Fibre 5.0gSalt 1.1g

Vitamins & minerals are not included for a Total Meal Replacement (TFR) 

For successful weight reduction, Tortilla Chips are designed to provide minimal weight & volume without affecting nutrition & full flavour.  You should therefore drink an additional 300ml of water when consumed. Tortilla Chips should not be used as a sole source of food.


INGREDIENTS : SOY protein concentrate (60%), tapioca starch, sunflower oil, SOY fibres (6%), maltodextrin, salt, dextrose, spices and herbs, flavour enhancer: sodium glutamate, flavourings and smoke flavourings, acid: malic acid, colour: paprika extract, antioxidant: rosemary extract. 

Allergens: SEE IN BOLDNotified as absent, however our manufacture can not guarantee the complete absence of cross-contaminants such as celery, mustard, sulphites, sesame, seeds, soya beans, fish, molluscs, crustaceans, cereals (gluten) nuts and peanut