The Man Who Ate Himself to Death

For those of you who are interested in documentaries that feature weight loss and different methods of combatting over eating and under eating, the documentary featured on Channel 5 this week may be of some curiosity to you.

It documents the story of Ricky Naputi, who weighed 64st and was bedridden in his home on the Pacific island of Guam until his death last November at the age of 39. This eye-opening film follows the final few months of his life, as Ricky and his wife Cheryl tried to organise weight-loss surgery in America – but were told he needed to get in to better shape and attend a special clinic where his food consumption could be closely monitored.

If anyone is interested in this topic, it is shown on Channel 5 at 10:00pm on Thursday 29th August. It is also shown on Channel 5 HD and Channel 5+1.

Please post your opinions of the programme, below. We are always interested to hear your thoughts and views on the topics that we discuss.


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