How to lose the weight when you are a busy parent!

Ok, So we all used to have our fitness routines and (hopefully) managed a fairly balanced life style … then the baby arrived and it all went out the window because suddenly there was just no time to do anything.

So we are asking this question: ‘Is it possible to get back into a healthy weight management routine and still be an involved parent?’

We think the answer is: ‘YES absolutely’.

The possible key to managing your weight as a parent is to make a conscious decision to set and pursue weight goals. You also need to focus on the positive feelings that you associate with achieving your weight goal – in other words, a bit of positive feeling is key to keeping up the motivation to pursue your weight goals. Here are some practical tips that you can incorporate into your busy life as a parent to make losing weight an enjoyable process.

According to Runner’s World magazine, there are some easy foods that you can begin consuming to lose weight. Imagine that simply substituting one or two of your ordinary foods for one of these foods can easily speed up the process toward your weight-loss goals. When you substitute two foods every day and cut over 100 calories from your diet that amounts to over 3,000 calories a month! If you do the sums, you can see that it is actually easy to lose weight. Remember that lots of veggies are great for you, as are oats, some nuts and fruits. Carbs are essential to us for energy, but too much carb can turn into lard so be careful with the amounts you consume :-)   …

One way to easily achieve your weight goals is to incorporate a tasty shake or smoothie into your diet. One idea is to have a shake or smoothie as a breakfast or lunch. Try making a smoothie that combines fresh fruits such as strawberries or perhaps try a VLCD MRP shake or smoothie which is super simple to prepare and contains that all important 25% of your RDA! Quick to make yet filling, they re perfect for when you have the kids pulling at your legs to go and play!

These healthy shakes/smoothies have less than 150 calories and taste great. You will actually feel refreshed when you decide to substitute a fatty sandwich for one of these healthy smoothies/shakes every day. In fact just drinking a cup of green tea every day has been associated with significant weight loss – try replacing one of your other drinks (such as coffee) with a cup of green tea.

When you combine a revised eating plan with day-to-day activity, you should also remember to create a simple workout plan – nothing too strenuous or too focussed on the cardio side of things because you don’t want to tire yourself or make yourself too hungry after a mass burn off of cals! The key to managing your weight is to make the required steps fit into your busy life style with kids. If you are engaging in a diet and exercise plan that is very complicated and requires a lot of “upkeep,” then you will be less likely to adhere to these changes – especially when the little ones demand your full attention every minute they’re awake! So the trick with exercising is to integrate activities with your children – e.g. push chair walks with a young baby or bouncing around on an old sofa with your toddler and kicking/throwing a ball around with your older kids. Just use your kids as an exercise activity centre – the same as they do you!… they also require lots of motivation, stimulation and engaging activity from you too! So play with your kids to have fun, bond with them and exercise…whilst losing weight – you wont even know that you are doing it!

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