Crushing the Myth on Nuts and Seeds!

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Many of our clients are amazed that we advocate and recommend a small portion of nuts or seeds three times each week as a good thing and instead believe that they should avoid nuts and seeds in their diet, afraid the fat content contributes to weight gain.

Here at the KeeDiet® we want to crush this myth! …….. The bottom line here is that nuts and seeds in moderation can actually help you slim down, rather than gain weight!

Nuts and Seeds are natures pre-packed healthy snacks and recent studies have shown that those whose diet include nuts or seeds, substituted for other foods actually lost on average 1.4lbs more than people who avoided them. Although this may be considered a small amount of weight to lose, it shows that including nuts into your diet can help you sustain a healthy and gradual weight loss over time.

Whilst we don’t recommend a large portion of nuts due to their calorie content, we do however recommend around  1 tablespoon three times each week.  Maybe a little sprinkle of seeds on a salad, a light snack or paired with one of our delicious breakfast meals such as our popular porridge range and you will be much healthier for it.  If you are concerned that eating seeds or nuts could lead to more than the permitted allowance, how about using a nut or seed oil as a salad or veggie dressing to add extra flavour.

Below are some seeds you can introduce to your diet (for those of you who may not like that many nuts). In certain cases seeds can offer more nutritional value than nuts (if you eat the right ones) and this allows you to have a smaller portion, but still gives your body the nutrition it needs.

Here are 7 great seeds that can easily be included in your diet!

  1. Pumpkin Seeds
  2. Hemp Seeds
  3. Chia Seeds
  4. Flax Seeds
  5. Sunflower Seeds
  6. Sesame Seeds
  7. Quinoa

The main difference between seeds and nuts is that seeds are usually mixed in with a meal, rather than eaten as a separate snack. We always try to think positive at the KeeDiet®, meaning you can include some nuts with your breakfast, and some seeds with your evening meal. With seeds feel free to experiment! We think these seeds would go perfect with some of our VLCD Soups!

Overall don’t neglect nuts and seeds from your diet, the health benefits you can expect make them impossible to ignore and they are all allowed when following our plans. Aside from losing weight, nuts and seeds have been shown to drastically decrease blood pressure, and also decrease your chances of developing diabetes.

So with your next meal try and have a small portion of either.

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