5 Key Nutrients to Fight Depression whilst Dieting

Woman having headache migraine. Stress and depression.

Many people cope with their emotions by adopting poor eating habits.  Feeding your emotions rather than your hunger can become a vicious circle and hard to stop.

A lack of energy and motivation usually leads to physical inactivity, making weight gain more likely and the problem continues.  The KeeDiet® offers weight loss reduction plans to suit male and females.  Our Plans range from our Total Meal Replacement (VLCD) Rapid Burn Plan to the increasingly popular 5:2 Fasting Plan.

Earlier this week we posted a very interesting article on our Facebook about dealing with depression, anxiety and stress whilst on a diet.

We all know that diets can be either be bland, boring or difficult, as they generate all sorts of feelings from our brains that can make us all cheat. KeeDiet® offer a range of weight loss plans that are safe, sustainable and successful.  Our Total Meal Replacement  products contain a full spectrum of 25% recommended intake (RI) of essential vitamins and minerals.

We require a range of different supplements and nutrients in our diets to help deal with these feelings and continue to live a healthy lifestyle. This recent research shows is that our diets drastically affect our mental health, and provides us with 7 nutrients we can introduce to our diets to deal with the ‘yo-yo’ effect.

Clinical studies have shown that certain nutrients affect and influence our brain’s behaviour, studies have also shown that it is possible that you are feeling stressed, anxious or depressed because you lack these specific nutrients, causing your diets to crash.

But do not worry as we are here to help!

Here are the 5 key nutrients you may need to introduce to your diet, to maintain a positive outlook on your weight loss journey!

Vitamin B and Folate

Vitamin B is needed for the cellular and metabolic structure; also they play a huge role in the production of brain chemicals.

A lack of folate has been reported in people who suffer from mild depression, and we all hit the imaginary wall during diets that can make us feel depressed.  Folate is found in a variety of different foods such as leafy green vegetables, legumes, whole grains, brewer’s yeast and nuts, unprocessed meats, eggs, cheese, dairy, whole grains and nuts.  On KeeDiet® weight loss plans we recommend a daily supplement of low ‘G.I/G.L’ (Glycemic Index/ Glycemic Level)  vegetables and salad which will offer an abundance of Vitamin B.

Amino Acids

Amino acids are the cell structure for creating proteins, this just happens to be what the brains chemicals are formed from. Some of the amino acids such as tryptophan are needed to create serotonin which is the chemical supplied in anti-depressants such as venlafaxine.

Amino acids are also in a variety of different food groups which are high in protein such as, meats, seafood, eggs, and nuts.

As an extra three times each week KeeDiet® recommend the inclusion of a small selection of nuts or seeds to provide extra nutrition.


Omega -3 has a vital role in keeping our brain’s structure in working order, taking the omega -3 supplements are believed to have been beneficial to people who experience forms of depression. The solution to this is simple, omega 3 can most commonly be found in fish oil tablets. Our delicious nutritious KeeDiet® Strawberry Total Meal Replacement Flavoured Shake, is not only thick and creamy but also offers Omega-3 and Omega-6

Milkshake fraise


Minerals such as zinc, magnesium and iron are very important to the neurological structure.

A deficiency in zinc has been shown to and linked to depressive symptoms.  We are led to believe that a lack of Magnesium in your diet may lead to depression and anxiety issues as they also have a profound effect on the brains chemical reaction processes. Whilst Iron has been linked with anxiety and development issues, this is believed to happen due to the transportation of oxygen to the brain.

Zinc is found in most lean meats and whole grains. Magnesium is found in nuts, whole grains and leafy greens. While iron is richest in organ meats such as liver and a small amount in grains and nuts.

KeeDiet® Total Meal Replacement Products provide an array of essential minerals, providing a minimum of 25% Recommend Intake (RI) per product.  For example our Strawberry Flavoured  Total Meal Replacement Shake provide 26% Magnesium, 28.5% Zinc, 35.5% Iron each product.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is as important to brain development as it is with bone development. A deficiency has been linked with disorders like schizophrenia and depression though there is little evidence to suggest that vitamin d will help cure depression.  Vitamin D is found in oily fish and mushrooms as well as sunlight, though please be aware to check with a doctor about worries of skin cancer.

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