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KeeDiet Products -

Total Meal Replacement.....Specifically designed for a full meal replacement programme and VLCD.  Each Total product contains a minimum of 25% (RI) Reccomended Intake of essential vitamins & minerals for continued good health.

High Protein range .........Specifically designed for low carbohydrate lifestyles as they contain a higher protein content around 18g but are exceptionally low in carbohydrates, sugars and fats.  A great weight management or weight loss product for all dieters, plus an excellent choice to swap or add an extra product whilst following one of the KeeDiet Weight Loss Plans.  Our range is extensive with desserts, bars, crisps, puffs, meals, ready made drinks and more which allows you more variety whilst you drop excess weight.


Permitted Food Shopping List - List of low calorie, low carb food products


Step One   - Rapid Burn (VLCD) Plan - 4 Mealpacks + Permitted Salad/Vegetables

Step Two   - Social Plan - 3 Mealpacks + 1 Healthy Meal (No Carbohydrates)

Step ThreeNew You Plan - 2 Mealpacks + 2 Healthy Meals (With Carboydrates) 

Step Four & Five  - Lifestyle Plan(s) 1-2 Mealpack(s)  - Gradual Weight Loss, Weight Stabilisation & Weight Management Plans


5:2 Intermittent Fasting Plan 

Fast for 2 days following our Rapid Burn Plan  / Eat Healthy for 5 days

Click here to purchase our specific 4 week 'Diet Box' £40.00